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2010 - Present
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PP 933

LT 793

16 - 21 January 2017
Dial M For Murder
Frederick Knott
A former tennis professional marries for money, but when he learns his wife is having an affair, he arranges to have her murdered.
(Previously produced in 2000, 1989 and 1965)

PP 934

LT 794

20 - 25 February 2017
Eric Chappell
A burglar, caught in the act by the owners of the house and their friends, proceeds to disclose all kinds of secrets about each of them.
(Previously produced in 1998)

PP 935

LT 795

20 - 25 March 2017
The Ghost Train
Arnold Ridley
In 1920's Cornwall, a silly young man strands six train passengers overnight at a remote station, which they learn is due for a visit by a ghost train.
(Previously produced in 1986)

PP 936

Play 732

LT 796

24 - 29 April 2017
Lucky Numbers
Mike Yeaman
An elderly woman's numbers come up with a jackpot win on the lottery, but she insists her family makes some changes before she'll hand over the ticket.

PP 937

Play 733

LT 797

5 - 10 June 2017
Strictly Murder
Brian Clemens
An English couple's idyllic life in 1939 France is shattered by an unfolding drama of secrets and lies, all in the shadow of the growing menace of the Third Reich.

PP 938

Play 734

LT 798

10 - 15 July 2017
Making Waves
Stephen Clark
The demands of a lifeboat coxwain's job take priority over the needs of his family and their competing aspirations.

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