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A Family Man  [J Galsworthy] 1937
A Family Occasion  [J Glew & A C Thomas] 1980, 1967
The Fan  [C Goldoni, ad. by Unknown] 1957
Fanny's First Play  [G B Shaw] 1935
The Far Off Hills  [L Robinson] 1946
The Farmer's Wife  [E Philpotts] 1949
Feed  [T Elliott] 2004
The Fifteen Streets  [R Bettinson] 2014, 1999
The Filleting Machine  [T Haddaway] 1985, 1984
Filumena  [E de Filippo, ad. by K Waterhouse & W Hall] 1986
The Final Movement  [B J Burton] 1984
Findings Keepings  [A Henderson] 1934
The First Fish  [F Tarloff] 1969
The First Gentleman  [N Ginsbury] 1963
The Foeman  [A L Richardson] 1944
Fooling The Yank  [H T Smith] 1926
Fools  [N Simon] 1990
The Forsyte Saga  [D & P Hoddinott] 2008
The Foundations  [J Galsworthy] 1927, 1921
The Fountain  [G Calderon] 1926
Frankenstein  [T Kelly]  2017
Friends And Relations  [S Ervine] 1949
The Frozen Heart  [I Brides] 1957
Fumed Oak  [N Coward] 1985
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