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The Laboratory  [D Compton] 1957
Ladder For Lucy  [D Darke] 1956 (twice)
The Ladies Of Edinburgh  [C Smedley] 1984
Ladies And Hussars  [A Fredro, ad. by F & G R Noyes] 1944, 1932
Ladies In Retirement  [E Percy & R Denham] 1984
Ladies Of Spirit [G Reid] 2015
The Ladykillers  [G Linehan] 2015
Lady Frederick [W S Maugham] 1974
The Lady From Alfaqueque  [S & J A Quintero, ad. by H & H Granville-Barker] 1950
The Lady From The Sea  [H Ibsen, ad. by R Fjelde] 1929
The Lady In The Van  [A Bennett] 2009
A Lady Of Letters  [A Bennett] 2008
Lady Windermere's Fan  [O Wilde] 1964, 2012
The Lady's Bicycle  [D Stant] 1985
The Lady's Not For Burning  [C Fry] 1978
Last Tango In Whitby  [M Harding] 1994
The Late Christopher Bean  [E Williams] 1975, 1943
The Late Edwina Black [W Dinner & W Morum] 2012
The Late Miss Cordell  [P Johnson] 1953
The Laughing Mask  [A Lowery, G Taylor & W Ward] 1954
Laying The Ghost  [S Williams] 2003
Legal Fictions  [J Mortimer] 2012
Les Liaisons Dangereuses
 [C Hampton] 2006
Let's Get A Divorce  [V Sardou & E de Najac, ad. by A & R Goldsby] 1968
A Letter From The General  [M McLoughlin] 1989, 1966
A Letter Of Resignation  [H Whitemore] 2012
Lettice And Lovage  [P Shaffer] 1993
Life In A Flat  [L Davis] 1932
Life With Father [H Lindsay & R Crouse] 1968
The Lights Are Warm And Coloured  [W Norfolk] 2003
A Likely Tale  [G Savory] 1966
The Lion In Winter  [J Goldman] 2010, 1979
Little Boy Lost  [H Shipp] 1959
The Little Dry Thorn  [G Daviot] 1958
The Little Foxes  [L Hellman] 1959, 1947
Liver And Bacon  [A J Glennie] 1934
Living Room  [E McCracken] 1945
The Living Room  [G Greene] 1955
Living Together  [A Ayckbourn] 1979
Lloyd George Knew My Father  [W Douglas-Home] 1975
Local Affairs  [R Harris] 1987
The Locked Chest  [J Masefield] 1920
London Suite  [N Simon] 2011
London Wall  [J Van Druten] 1945
The Long Sunset  [R C Sherriff] 1981
Loot  [J Orton] 1979
The Lopotkin Inheritance  [L D Peach] 1964
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime  [C Cox] 1999, 1988, 1973
Love Me Slender  [V Brooks] 2007
Loyalties  [J Galsworthy] 1928
Lucky Numbers [M Yeaman]  2017
 Lucky Strike  [M Brett] 1957
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