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Table Manners [A Ayckbourn] 1979
Take Away The Lady  [J Chinn] 2010
Take Two From One  [G & M Martinez-Sierra, ad. by H & H Granville-Barker] 1956
Taking Sides [R Harwood] 2003
Taking Steps [A Ayckbourn] 2009
The Late Edwina Black  [W Dinner & W Morum] 2012
The Talented Mr Ripley
[P Nagy] 2007
The Taming Of The Shrew   [W Shakespeare] 2006, 1946
Tartuffe  [Moliere, ad by M Malleson] 1969
Tartuffe [Moliere, ad. by R McGough] 2014
Teahouse Of The August Moon   [J Patrick] 1980, 1973
Teechers  [J Godber] 2007, 2006
Ten Little Niggers   [A Christie] 1979
That Good Night [N J Crisp] 2001
Theft  [E Chappell] 2017, 1998
Them Boots Ain't Made For Walking   [B Owen] 1985
There's A Girl In My Soup [T Frisby] 1976
Therese [T Job] 1955
Therese Raquin   [L Sands] 1999
Third Time Lucky   [A Ridley] 1941
Thirty Pieces Of Silver [H Fast] 1954
This Happy Breed [N Coward] 1987, 1947
The Thracian Horses  [M Valency] 1968
Three Half Crowns [J J Melluish] 1962
Thriller Of The Year [G Jones] 2004
Thunder Rock  [R Ardrey] 1944
Time And The Conways [J B Priestley] 1948
Time And Time Again   [A Ayckbourn] 1989, 1978
Time Of My Life   [A Ayckbourn] 2017, 1996
To Keep In A Cool Place  [W Templeton] 1962
To Live In Peace  [G Farzano, ad. by V Rietti] 1953
The Toad And The Poppy  [M H Dodds] 1951
Tolpuddle, or "Who's Afeard" [R Sorenson] 1929
Tom Jones [J McAlpine] 1981, 1970
A Tomb With A View  [N Robbins] 1990
Too Clever By Half (Diary Of A Scoundrel)   [A Ostrovsky, ad. by R Ackland] 1993, 1955
Top Table  [M Wood] 1977
Touch And Go  [D Benfield] 1992
A Touch Of Purple  [E Trevor] 1975
Towie Castle [G Bottomley] 1952
Trap For A Lonely Man [R Thomas] 1967
Traveller's Pride [A L Richardson] 1944
Travels With My Aunt [G Havergal] 2003
Treasure Hunt [M J Farrell & J Perry] 1952
Trelawney Of The Wells  [A W Pinero] 1951
Trevor  [J Bowen] 1984
Trivial Pursuits [F Vickery] 1999
The Tudor Wench  [E Thane] 1967
Twelfth Night [W Shakespeare] 1959, 1951
Twelve Angry Men  [R Rose] 2000, 1975
The Twelve Pound Look   [J M Barrie] 1920
Twice Is Too Much [Unknown] 1967
Two Cases [A Henderson] 1933
Two Dozen Red Roses [K Horne] 1974
Two Faces Of Murder [G Batson] 1969
The Typewriter   [J Cocteau, ad. by R Duncan] 1948
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