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1920 - 1929

PP 1

Play 1

January 1920 (Precise date unknown)
The Man Of Destiny
George Bernard Shaw
Fresh from another victory on the battlefield, the young Napoleon Bonaparte meets a formidable woman who questions his leadership abilities.
Comedy, 1 Act.

PP 2

Play 2

January 1920 (Precise date unknown)
Young Heaven
Jean Cavendish and Miles Malleson
An actress mourns the death of her brother, killed in the Great War, and recounts a vision of meeting him in the afterlife.
Drama, 1-Act.

PP 3

Play 3

April 1920 (Precise date unknown)
The Locked Chest
John Masefield
In rural Norway, a woman reluctantly hides her brother, who is wanted for murder, in an old wooden chest.
Drama, 1-Act.

PP 4

Play 4

April 1920 (Precise date unknown)
How He Lied To Her Husband
George Bernard Shaw
In 1900's London, a woman is worried some stolen love-poems will reveal her affair to her husband, so the lovers decide to confess.
Comedy, 1-Act.

PP 5

Play 5

May 1920 (Precise date unknown)
George Bernard Shaw
A clergyman's wife returns from a three week holiday accompanied by a sensitive 18-year-old poet, who then declares his love for her.

PP 6

Play 6

November 1920 (Precise date unknown)
A Doll's House
Henrik Ibsen
In 19th Century Norway, a wife who has been treated as a plaything by her pompous husband decides to rebel against him.

PP 7

Play 7

December 1920 (Precise date unknown)
The Carrier Pigeon
Eden Philpotts
An old poacher's dying wish is to fire his ancient shotgun, just as his despised neighbour's prize carrier-pigeon flies into view.
Drama, 1-Act.

PP 8

Play 8

December 1920 (Precise date unknown)
The Twelve Pound Look
James Matthew Barrie
On the eve of his knighthood, a pompous solicitor has his ego punctured when he meets his former wife, who reveals why she left him years before.
Drama, 1-Act.

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