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1920 - 1929

PP 9

January 1921 (Precise date unknown)
George Bernard Shaw
A clergyman's wife returns from a three week holiday accompanied by a sensitive 18 year old poet, who then declares his love for her.
(Previously produced in 1920)

PP 10

Play 9

February 1921 (Precise date unknown)
Sweet Lavender
Arthur Wing Pinero
A young woman finds romance while helping out at her mother's college boarding house, but her sweetheart's guardian disapproves of the match.

PP 11

Play 10

12, 13 and 15 April 1921
The Foundations
John Galsworthy
As the working-classes of post-WW1 Britain are in revolt against the upper classes, a member of the press finds both sides share the same ideal.

PP 12

Play 11

July 1921 (Precise date unknown)
Arms And The Man
George Bernard Shaw
During the 1885 Serbo-Bulgarian War, a young Serb soldier is given sanctuary by the beautiful daughter of a rich Bulgarian family.

PP 13

Play 12

1921 (Precise date unknown)
The Importance Of Being Earnest
Oscar Wilde
Two English gentlemen in the 1890's both secretly use the name 'Ernest' in their double lives, causing complications in their respective love affairs.

PP 14

Play 13

1921 (Precise date unknown)
Building Of The Ark
Members of the Shipwrights Guild
God selects a righteous man to be the saviour of his race, and instructs him to build an ark to preserve his family and animals against a mighty flood.
York Mystery Play

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