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1920 - 1929

PP 15

Play 14

1922 (Precise date unknown)
Adoration Of Three Kings
Members of the Mercers Guild
Three kings are led by a star to Bethlehem to pay homage to the newborn baby Jesus, promised by God to become the saviour of the Jewish people.
York Mystery Play

PP 16

Play 15

1922 (Precise date unknown)
Thomas William Robertson
In the 1860s, a lowly ballerina weds an aristocratic army officer, but faces rejection and poverty when he is reported killed during wartime action.

PP 17

Play 16

1922 (Precise date unknown)
Much Ado About Nothing
William Shakespeare
A soon-to-be married couple conspire with a prince to trick their bickering friends into finally confessing their love for one another.

PP 18

Play 17

1922 (Precise date unknown)
Mrs Hodges
Margaret Macnamara
A member of a county housing committee learns at first hand of the primitive conditions in which locals live, and is transformed by his experiences.

PP 19

Play 18

1922 (Precise date unknown)
Captain Brassbound's Conversion
George Bernard Shaw
A pirate captain plys his trade under the protection of a friendly sheik, but is brought to book by the sister-in-law of an English judge.

PP 20

Play 19

1922 (Precise date unknown)
John Galsworthy
In early 1900's England, a newcomer attracts the locals' gratitude when she rescues the squire's dog, but her doubtful marital status comes under scrutiny.
Comedy, 1-Act.

PP 21

Play 20

December 1922 (Precise date unknown)
The Pitman's Pay
Ruth Dodds
In 1830's Tyneside, the leader of a fledgling miner's union finds his efforts being sabotaged by an agent sent by the Government.
Drama. First Performance Of A New Play.

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