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1920 - 1929

PP 22

Play 21

1923 (Precise date unknown)
The Bruiser's Election
Stephen Schofield
A wily working class character uses trickery to get the best of some gullible members of the ruling class.

Comedy, 1-Act. First Performance Of A New Play.

PP 23

1923 (Precise date unknown)
Arms And The Man
George Bernard Shaw
During the 1885 Serbo-Bulgarian War, a young Serb soldier is given sanctuary by the beautiful daughter of a rich Bulgarian family.
(Previously produced in 1921)

PP 24

Play 22

1923 (Precise date unknown)
The Price Of Coal
Harold Brighouse
After an accident at a Lancashire coalmine, the women can only wait at home for news of their loved ones.
Drama, 1-Act.

PP 25

Play 23

1923 (Precise date unknown)
Alan Alexander Milne
While enjoying the attentions of two rival suitors, a woman at first fails to recognise her husband when he shows up after an absence of eighteen years.

PP 26

Play 24

1923 (Precise date unknown)
The Merchant Of Venice
William Shakespeare
In 16th Century Venice, a vengeful Jewish usurer demands a gruesome payment from a merchant who has defaulted on a loan for a friend.

PP 27

Play 25

1923 (Precise date unknown)
A Single Man
H H Davis
Synopsis not available

PP 28

Play 26

1923 (Precise date unknown)
Hindle Wakes
Stanley Houghton
During a Lancashire mill town's holiday week, two young people are discovered having a secret fling, and are pressured to marry.

PP 29

Play 27

October 1923 (Precise date unknown)
George Bernard Shaw
In Victorian London, a stuffy language professor accepts a wager that he can tutor a Cockney flower seller and pass her off as a duchess.

PP 30

Play 28

1923 (Precise date unknown)
Dear Brutus
James Matthew Barrie
An odd assortment of house guests venture into a mysterious wood, where they are offered the chance to see "what might have been".

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