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1920 - 1929

PP 31

Play 29

March 1924 (Precise date unknown)
The Golden Apple
M Hope Dodds
A doctor tries to dissuade his nephew from setting up home with his fiancee in a delapidated former lunatic asylum, but then mysteriously disappears.
Drama. First Performance Of A New Play.
Adapted from "The Old Madhouse" by William de Morgan.

PP 32

Play 30

7 - 9 April 1924
She Stoops To Conquer
Oliver Goldsmith
In 18th Century England, the daughter of a wealthy family pretends to be a common barmaid in order to attract a shy suitor.

PP 33

Play 31

1924 (Precise date unknown)
Mrs Clark's Tea Party
Agnes Johnson
Synopsis not available.
Unknown Type, 1-Act. First Performance Of A New Play.

PP 34

Play 32

1924 (Precise date unknown)
Up Stream
Clifford Bax
After a ruthless industrialist causes the death of a railroad worker in the 1870s Amazon, he resorts to drastic measures in order to prevent word from escaping.

PP 35

Play 33

1924 (Precise date unknown)
The Hill Top
Ruth Dodds
Synopsis not available.
Comedy. First Performance Of A New Play.

PP 36

1924 (Precise date unknown)
Thomas William Robertson
In the 1860s, a lowly ballerina weds an aristocratic army officer, but faces rejection and poverty when he is reported killed during wartime action.
(Previously produced in 1922)

PP 37

Play 34

1924 (precise date unknown)
The Northerners
Harold Brighouse
In 1820s Lancashire, a weaver's daughter weds the boss's son for the good of her family, but is caught up in the Luddite rebellion.

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