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1920 - 1929

PP 57

1928 (Precise date unknown)
A Doll's House
Henrik Ibsen
In 19th Century Norway, a wife who has been treated as a plaything by her pompous husband decides to rebel against him.
(Previously produced in 1920)

PP 58

Play 51

1928 (Precise date unknown)
John Galsworthy
Having served a prison sentence for murdering her baby, a window cleaner's daughter finds a job - and romance - in a novelist's household.

PP 59

Play 52

1 - 3 March 1928
The Rivals
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
A rich sea captain pretends to be a penniless ensign, because his lady love is determined to marry a man who despises wealth.

PP 60

Play 53

1928 (Precise date unknown)
John Galsworthy
A Jew is robbed while at a house party. To avoid scandal, the other guests invite him to join their club, but anti-Semitic feelings soon surface.

PP 61

Play 54

1928 (Precise date unknown)
The Way To Keep Him
Arthur Murphy
In 18th Century London, a gentleman feels he is being neglected by his wife, and looks for a way to persuade her to pay him the attention he feels he is due.

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