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1920 - 1929

PP 62

Play 55

1929 (Precise date unknown)
Tolpuddle, or "Who's Afeard"
Reginald Sorenson
A party of travellers arrive in the town of Tolpuddle, and learn of the farm workers who, in 1834, were deported to Australia for forming a trade union.
Drama. First Performance Of A New Play.

PP 63

Play 56

1929 (Precise date unknown)
The Lady From The Sea
Henrik Ibsen
A doctor's wife finds herself forced to choose between staying with her husband or leaving with the sailor she was once engaged to.  
Translated by Rolf Fjelde.

PP 64

Play 57

1929 (Precise date unknown)
John Galsworthy
A 17 year old girl harbours a jealous hatred of her mother's new gentleman friend, unaware that her own first love is very close at hand.

PP 65

Play 58

1929 (Precise date unknown)
The Best Of Both Worlds
Monica Ewer
Synopsis not available
Unknown Type.

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