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1930 - 1939

PP 66

Play 59

March or April 1930 (Precise date unknown)
The Dregs
Fred Chadwick
Synopsis not available
Unknown Type. First Performance Of A New Play.
Northern Area British Drama League Festival.

PP 67

Play 60

1930 (Precise date unknown)
Catherine Parr
Maurice Baring
Across the breakfast table, King Henry VIII and his sixth wife have a heated debate over the colour of Alexander The Great's horse.
Comedy, 1-Act.

PP 68

Play 61

1930 (Precise date unknown)
The Philanderer
George Bernard Shaw
A young womaniser wants to leave a contentious woman in order to switch his attentions to a gentle widow.

PP 69

Play 62

1930 (Precise date unknown)
The Dramatist
Frederick Reynolds
In the mid-19th Century, a playwright throws the schemes of an upper class lady into a state of confusion.

PP 70

15 - 17 October 1930
Captain Brassbound's Conversion
George Bernard Shaw
A pirate captain plys his trade under the protection of a friendly sheik, but is brought to book by the sister-in-law of an English judge.
(Previously produced in 1922)  

PP 71

Play 63

26 - 28 November 1930
Pillars Of Society
Henrik Ibsen
A highly respected shipowner is actually guilty of dishonest business practices, and is goaded towards repentance by the arrival of people from his past.
Translated by Una Ellis-Fermor from the play "Samfundets Stotter".

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