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1930 - 1939

PP 78

Play 69

13 - 15 January 1932
Mrs Warren's Profession
George Bernard Shaw
In Victorian England, a prudish woman is horrified to learn that her mother's fortune was made by running high-class brothels.

PP 79

Play 70

24 - 26 February 1932
Ladies And Hussars
Alexander Fredro
In Napoleonic Poland, the sister of an army major wants him to marry her daughter, who in turn is in love with a young lieutenant.
Translated by Florence Noyes and George Rapall Noyes from the play "Damy I Huzary".

PP 80

Play 71

February 1932 (Precise date unknown)
A Small Hour
Sidney Barrington Gates
Synopsis not available
Comedy, 1-Act.
National Festival Of Community Drama.

PP 81

Play 72

13 - 15 April 1932
Life In A Flat
Lille Davis
A lady is to be visited by two friends at the same time and, because the visitors hate eachother, must strive to keep them from meeting.
Comedy, 1-Act.

PP 82

Play 73

13 - 15 April 1932
The Eldest Son
John Galsworthy
An English baronet's son falls foul of his father's wishes when he announces he intends to marry the lady's maid.

PP 83

Play 74

23 - 25 November 1932
The Editor
Bjornstjerne Bjornson
The bullish editor of a provincial newspaper in Norway is determined to print political scandals, even though they concern his closest friends.
Translated by R Farquharson Sharp from the play "Redaktoren".

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