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1930 - 1939

PP 102

Play 88

16 - 18 January 1935
A Romany Reaping
Kathleen W Close
Tragedy strikes the residents of a Yorkshire farmhouse in the mid-1830's.
Drama. First Performance Of A New Play.

PP 103

Play 89

7 - 8 February 1935
M Hope Dodds
Synopsis not available
Unknown Type, 1-Act. First Performance Of A New Play.
Part of a "Star Variety Programme".

PP 104

14 February 1935
M Hope Dodds
Synopsis not available
(Previously produced 7th & 8th February 1935)
Unknown Type, 1-Act.
British Drama League, Community Theatre Drama Festival.

PP 105

Play 90

12 - 14 March 1935
The Skin Game
John Galsworthy
In post-Great War rural England, the manor house tranquility of a generations-old family is threatened by the arrival of a nouveau riche industrialist with big plans.

PP 106

Play 91

10 - 12 April 1935
Fanny's First Play
George Bernard Shaw
An eccentric Count invites some theatre critics to the premiere performance of his daughter's first play, but it turns out to be far from the light fluff he expected.

PP 107

Play 92

16 - 18 October 1935
The Path Of Glory
Lawrence Du Garde Peach
Two mythical countries decide to bolster their flagging economies by declaring war on each other. The trouble is, neither side can afford to win.

PP 108

27 - 29 November 1935
A Square Peg
Agnes Johnson
On her return from a college education, a superior young woman runs into difficulties fitting back in with her Tyneside family.
(Previously produced in 1931)  

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