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1930 - 1939

PP 126

23 February 1938
Reynold Fox
M Hope Dodds
Synopsis not available
(Previously produced in 1936)
Drama, 1-Act.
British Drama League, Community Theatre Drama Festival.

PP 127

9 - 11 February 1938
Arms And The Man
George Bernard Shaw
During the 1885 Serbo-Bulgarian War, a young Serb soldier is given sanctuary by the beautiful daughter of a rich Bulgarian family.
(Previously produced in 1923 and 1921)

PP 128

6 - 8 April 1938
Sailor's Return
Ruth Dodds
In 19th Century Northumberland, a fisher-lad is betrayed to a press-gang by his rival in love, but returns a year later hoping to reclaim his girl.
(Previously produced in 1927 under the title "The Pressed Man")
Drama, 1-Act.

PP 129

Play 107

7 - 8 December 1938
Juno And The Paycock
Sean O'Casey
In 1920's Dublin, the fortunes of a workshy man and his family look set to change for the better as an English solicitor brings news of an inheritance.

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