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1940 - 1949

PP 162

Play 132

LT 24

5 - 9 February 1946
Berkeley Square
John L Balderston & J C Squire
A young American is transported back to 18th Century London at the time of the American Revolution, where he meets his ancestors.

PP 163

LT 25

26 - 30 March 1946
An Enemy Of The People
Henrik Ibsen
A small-town doctor discovers that, for tourism reasons, his colleagues are hiding the fact that the local health spa's water is contaminated.
(Previously produced in 1926)
Translated by Christopher Hampton.

PP 164

Play 133

LT 26

14 - 18 May 1946
The Taming Of The Shrew
William Shakespeare
In 16th Century Italy, a fortune-seeker woos and wins an ill-tempered, headstrong young woman, then marries and proceeds to tame her.

PP 165

Play 134

LT 27

6 June 1946
The White Cockade
Alida L Richardson
Synopsis not available
Drama, 1-Act.
Drama Festival, Tyneside Association For Music, Drama And The Arts.

PP 166

LT 28

3 July 1946
The White Cockade
Alida L Richardson
Synopsis not available
(Previously produced June 1946)  
Drama, 1-Act.
North East Central Drama Festival.

PP 167

Play 135

LT 29

16 - 20 July 1946
The Far Off Hills
Lennox Robinson
A woman who regulates the lives of her sisters and their blind father is offered the chance to run the town by an ambitious local businessman.

PP 168

Play 136

LT 30

8 - 12 October 1946
The Barretts Of Wimpole Street
Rudolf Besier
Poet Elizabeth Barrett's puritanical father forbids any of his children to marry. Nevertheless, she falls in love with fellow-poet Robert Browning.

PP 169

LT 31

10 - 14 December 1946
She Stoops To Conquer
Oliver Goldsmith
In 18th Century England, the daughter of a wealthy family pretends to be a common barmaid in order to attract a shy suitor.
(Previously produced in 1934, 1925 and 1924)  

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