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1940 - 1949

PP 181

Play 147

LT 43

3 - 7 February 1948
Spring 1600
Emlyn Williams
In 1600 England, a country girl runs away from home and joins a theatre company by pretending to be a boy, then falls in love with the company's manager.

PP 182

Play 148

LT 44

17 - 20 March 1948
Uncle Harry
Thomas Job
When a fabric designer falls in love, his two spinster sisters express deep jealousy, so he plots to kill one and have the other charged with the murder.

PP 183

Play 149

LT 45

5 April 1948
Dangerous Way
Eden Phillpotts
Synopsis not available
Drama, 1-Act.
Drama Festival, Tyneside Association For Music, Drama And The Arts.

PP 184

LT 46

11 - 15 May 1948
The Shoemaker's Holiday
Thomas Dekker
In 16th Century England, a nobleman disguises himself as a shoemaker to gain access to his lower-class love.
(Previously produced in 1927)

PP 185

Play 150

LT 47

13 - 17 July 1948
Time And The Conways
John Boynton Priestley
The lives of a happy group of friends in 1919 are contrasted with how their fortunes have changed by 1938, with faded dreams, bitterness and tragedy.

PP 186

Play 151

LT 48

21 - 25 September 1948
An Inspector Calls
John Boynton Priestley
As a family celebrates the engagement of their daughter to the son of a business rival, an inspector arrives to investigate a girl's suicide.

PP 187

Play 152

LT 49

2 - 6 November 1948
The Typewriter
Jean Cocteau
A police detective is assigned to investigate the case of a "poison pen" campaign in a small town in France.
Translated by Ronald Duncan from the play "La Machine à Ecrire".

PP 188

Play 153

LT 50

14 - 18 December 1948
Wives And Daughters
Margaret Macnamara
In 1820s England, a young woman's life changes when her father remarries, acting as go-between in her new step-sister's tangled love affairs.
Adapted from the novel "Wives And Daughters" by Elizabeth Gaskell.

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