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1940 - 1949

PP 189

Play 154

LT 51

1 - 5 February 1949
The Government Inspector
Nicholai V Gogol
In 1830's Russia, the corrupt officials of a small village bribe a newcomer in the mistaken belief that he is a visiting inspector.
Translated by D J Campbell.

PP 190

Play 155

LT 52

15 - 19 March 1949
The Farmer's Wife
Eden Phillpotts
A widower living on a farm is searching for a new wife, totally oblivious to the attachment his own housekeeper has developed for him.

PP 191

Play 156

LT 53

17 - 21 May 1949
The White Steed
Paul Vincent Carroll
An elderly priest falls ill, and his temporary replacement's manner sows the seeds of discontent in the parish.

PP 192

Play 157

LT 54

12 - 16 July 1949
William Shakespeare
After hearing prophecies from three witches, a great Scottish general is manipulated by his ambitious wife to becoming King of Scotland.

PP 193

Play 158

LT 55

20 - 24 September 1949
Friends And Relations
St John Ervine
In 1940's Ulster, a deceased businessman's relations line up for the expected inheritance, and pass the time by discussing Anglo-Irish politics.
First production under the Season Ticket scheme.

PP 194

Play 159

LT 56

1 - 5 November 1949
The Millionairess
George Bernard Shaw
A spoiled heiress sets her sights on marrying the kind but poor Indian doctor who saved her from suicide.

PP 195

LT 57

13 - 17 December 1949
The Importance Of Being Earnest
Oscar Wilde
Two English gentlemen in the 1890's both secretly use the name 'Ernest' in their double lives, causing complications in their respective love affairs.
(Previously produced in 1921)  

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