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Progressive Players Gateshead
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1950 to 1959

January 31 to February 4
The Gioconda Smile by Aldous Huxley

March 14 to 18
Scandal at Barchester by Vera Wheatley

March 27
The Pennine Way by Ruth Dodds

May 9 to 13
A Bill of Divorcement by Clemence Dane

July 11 to 15
Crab-Apple Harvest by Alida L Richardson

September 19 to 23
The Pennine Way by Ruth Dodds

September 19 to 23
The Lady From Alfaqueque by Serafin & Joachin Alvarez Quintero

October 31 to November 4
Prison Without Bars by Peggy Barwell

December 12 to 16
The Miser by Moliere


January30 to February 3
The Sacred Flame by William Somerset Maugham

March 13 to 17
Trelawny of the Wells by Arthur Wing Pinero

March (date unknown)
Villa For Sale by Sacha Guitry

March (dates unknown)
The Wedding at Pemberley by Anne & Arthur Russell

March (dates unknown)
The Blue Suit by A E Bryan

April 4
Villa For Sale by Sacha Guitry

May 8 to 12
The Winslow Boy by Terence Rattigan

July 16 to 21
Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

September 18 to 22
Bonaventure by Charlotte Hastings

October 10
The House in Fern Road by Maud Cassidy & Peter Coke

October 10
Ma Vatch by T B Morris

October 10
Happiness My Goal by Norman Holland

October 29 to November 3
Jane Eyre by Helen Jerome

November (dates unknown)
The Witch of Eye by Alida L Richardson

November (dates unknown)
The Toad and the Poppy by M Hope Dodds

November (dates unknown)
Sailors Beware by Ronald Frederick Delderfield

December 11 to 15
Storm in a Teacup by James Bridie


January 29 to February 2
The Heiress by Ruth & Augustus Goetz

March 18 to 22
The Corn is Green by Emlyn Williams

May 6 to 10
You Never Can Tell by George Bernard Shaw

July 15 to 19
Ann Veronica by Ronald Gow

September 16 to 20
Treasure Hunt by M J Farrell & John Perry

October 14
Towie Castle by Gordon Bottomley

October 14
Orange Blossom by Philip Johnson

October 14
The Lovely Miracle by Philip Johnson

October 28 to November 1
Guinea-Pig by Warren Chetham-Strode

December 16 to 20
Great Expectations by M Hope Dodds


January 27 to 31
Distinguished Gathering by James Parish

February 25
The Chair by M Hope Dodds

March 17 to 21
A Comedy of Good and Evil by Richard Hughes

April 14
The Chair by M Hope Dodds

April 14
Everyman by Constance Cox

April 14
Mr Fothergill Joins the Angels by William Dinner

May 12 to 16
The Young and the Fair by N Richard Nash

July 14 to 18
Queen Elizabeth by Hugh Ross Williamson

September 15 to 19
To Live in Peace by Giovacchino Farzano

September 29
Barbara by Jerome Klapka Jerome

September 29
Madame La Baronne by H Hurford Jones

September 29
The Late Miss Cordell by Philip Johnson

October 27 to 31
The Golden Fleece by John Boynton Priestley

December 15 to 19
The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare


February 2 to 6
Spring at Marino by Constance Cox

March 12
The Neighbours by Yves Cabrol

March 23 to 27
Jupiter Laughs by Archibald Joseph Cronin

April 10
Among Those Present by Aubrey Feist

April 10
Master Dudley by Philip Johnson

April 10
The Prattling Prentice by Norman Holland

May 11 to 15
The Wingless Victory by Maxwell Anderson

July 13 to 17
The Rivals by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

September 21 to 25
The Romantic Young Lady by Gregorio & Maria Martinez-Sierra

September 27
Retrospect by Pat Portus

September 27
The Pedestal of Ozymandias by Brian Ridley

September 27
The Laughing Mask by A Lowery, G Taylor & W Ward

November 2 to 6
Thirty Pieces of Silver by Howard Fast

December 14 to 18
Hobson's Choice by Harold Brighouse


February 1 to 5
Therese by Thomas Job

March 22 to 26
Diary of a Scoundrel by Rodney Ackland

April 29
Joanna and the Candles by Joyce Denys

May 10 to 14
Anastasia by Guy Bolton

July 12 to 16
Quiet Weekend by Esther McCracken

September 20 to 24
Ah, Wilderness by Eugene O'Neill

November 1 to 5
The Living Room by Graham Greene

December 13 to 17
Penny For a Song by John Whiting


January 31 to February 4
The Dark is Light Enough by Christopher Fry

February 27
The Pigeon With the Silver Foot by Pamela Hansford Johnson & Charles Percy Snow

February 27
White Blackmail by Edward Percy

February 27
Ladder For Lucy by Delsie Darke

March 16
Ladder For Lucy by Delsie Darke

March 20 to 24
The Whiteheaded Boy by Lennox Robinson

May 8 to 12
Skipper Next to God by Jan de Hartog

July 10 to 14
The Mask and the Face by John Fernald

September 11 to 15
The Orchard Walls by Ronald Frederick Delderfield

October 1
The Hollow Crown by H V Kershaw

October 1
Above Rubies by Harold Brighouse

October 1
Pictures on the Wall by Ivor Brown

October 30 to November 3
Take Two From One by Gregorio & Maria Martinez-Sierra

December 11 to 15
Down Came a Blackbird by Peter Blackmore


February 5 to 9
Murder Story by Ludovic Kennedy

March 19 to 23
Lucky Strike by Michael Brett

April 1
The Frozen Heart by Ivory Brides

April 1
The Laboratory by David Campton

April 1
The Bride
by Gertrude Jennings

May 14 to 18
Home Is the Hero by Walter Macken

July 9 to 13
The Fan by Carlo Goldoni

September 10 to 14
Uncertain Joy by Charlotte Hastings

October 29 to November 2
The Remarkable Mr Pennypacker by Liam O'Brien

December 10 to 14
The Whole Truth by Philip Mackie


January 20
The Spider Ring by Mabel Constanduros & Howard Agg

January 20
The Affairs of Madame Parpot by Yves Cabrol

February 4 to 8
Waters of the Moon by Norman C Hunter

March 25 to 29
The Little Dry Thorn by Gordon Daviot

May 13 to 17
Relative Values by Noel Coward

July 8 to 12
Cheapside by James Parrish

September 9 to 13
An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde

September 22
Maid to Order by Marjorie Laws

September 22
In The Mist by Anthony Gittins

September 22
Orange Blossom by Philip Johnson

October 28 to November 1
Pillars of the Community by Henrik Ibsen

December 9 to 13
All My Sons by Arthur Miller


February 3 to 7
The Diary of Anne Frank by Francis Goodrich & Albert Hacket

March 17 to 21
Small Hotel by Rex Frost

April 13
The Roundelay Tradition by Ronald Frederick Delderfield

April 13
Riders to the Sea by John Millington Synge

April 13
Mrs Grundy Comes to Tea by L Du Garde Peach

April 13
The Sister Who Walked in Silence by Philip Johnson

May 5 to 9
The House By the Lake by Hugh Mills

June 12 to 13
Meet the Family by John J Melluish

July 7 to 11
Summertime by Ugo Betti

September 8 to 12
The Little Foxes by Lillian Hellman

October 5
Michael by Miles Malleson

October 5
Little Boy Lost by Horace Shipp

October 27 to 31
The Mayerling Affair by Ronald Frederick Delderfield

December 15 to 19
Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

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