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1950 - 1959

PP 222

Play 184

LT 84

29 January - 2 February 1952
The Heiress
Ruth & Augustus Goetz
A naive young heiress receives a marriage proposal from a fortune-hunter. When the marriage is forbidden by her father, the heiress suggests an elopement.
Adapted from the novel "Washington Square" by Henry James.

PP 223

Play 185

LT 85

18 - 22 March 1952
The Corn Is Green
Emlyn Williams
An English schoolmistress takes a post in a small Welsh mining village, and grooms an outstanding pupil for a scholarship to Oxford University.

PP 224

LT 86

6 - 10 May 1952
You Never Can Tell
George Bernard Shaw
A mother's three daughters have never known their father, but accidentally manage to invite him to lunch, presided over by a wise waiter.
(Previously produced in 1933 and 1925)  

PP 225

Play 186

LT 87

15 - 19 July 1952
Ann Veronica
Ronald Gow
In Edwardian England, a headstrong woman is determined to find independence, and encounters suffragettes, Fabians and free love.
Adapted from the novel "Ann Veronica" by H G Wells.

PP 226

Play 187

LT 88

16 - 20 September 1952
Treasure Hunt
M J Farrell & John Perry
A family in southern Ireland is forced to take in lodgers in order to make ends meet when a large inheritance turns out to be worthless.

PP 227

Play 188

LT 89

14 October 1952
Towie Castle
Gordon Bottomley
Synopsis not available.
Unknown Type, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays".

PP 228

Play 189

LT 90

14 October 1952
Orange Blossom
Philip Johnson
Comedy, 1-Act
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays".

PP 229

Play 190

LT 91

14 October 1952
The Lovely Miracle
Philip Johnson
Synopsis not available.
Unknown Type, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays".

PP 230

Play 191

LT 92

28 October - 1 November 1952
Warren Chetham-Strode
A tobacconist's son is sent to a public school, where his backstreet attitude makes him an outcast to all but his young tutor.

PP 231

LT 93

16 - 20 December 1952
Great Expectations
M Hope Dodds
In Victorian London, a gullible young orphan grows up to become a gentleman with the assistance of a mysterious benefactor.
(Previously produced in 1933)
Adapted from the novel "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens.

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