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1950 - 1959

PP 260

Play 218

LT 122

1 - 5 February 1955
Thomas Job
In 1870's Paris, a woman embarks on a love affair with her husband's best friend, and then murders her husband.
Adapted from the novel "Therese Raquin" by Emile Zola.

PP 261

Play 219

LT 123

22 - 26 March 1955
Diary Of A Scoundrel
Rodney Ackland
In 19th Century Russia, a young man starts an affair, but his mistress seeks revenge when she discovers he is engaged to another.
Based on an original work by Alexander Ostrovsky. Also known as "Too Clever By Half".

PP 262

Play 220

LT 124

29 April 1955
Joanna And The Candles
Joyce Denys
In Henry VIII's England, a young girl is cared for in a convent as her mother dies. Then her uncle's wife arrives to seize the girl's inheritance.
Drama, 1-Act. First Performance Of A New Play, Junior Members Production.
Gateshead Youth Organisations Council Drama Festival.

PP 263

Play 221

LT 125

10 - 14 May 1955
Guy Bolton
Three Russians claim that an obsure young woman is Princess Anastasia, a survivor of the Russian Revolution, in order to net themselves a fortune.
Translated from the play "Anastasia" by Marcelle Maurette.

PP 264

Play 222

LT 126

12 - 16 July 1955
Quiet Weekend
Esther McCracken
A family tries to relax during a weekend holiday in the country, but are constantly irritated by the unpleasant friend of their eldest son.

PP 265

Play 223

LT 127

20 - 24 September 1955
Ah, Wilderness
Eugene O'Neill
In 1906 Connecticut, a young idealist's radical views brings him into conflict with his father, and then is forbidden to see his girlfriend by her father.

PP 266

Play 224

LT 128

1 - 5 November 1955
The Living Room
Graham Greene
In 1950's London, a young woman is torn between the strict morals of her Catholic aunt and her own desire to leave home to be with her married lover.

PP 267

Play 225

LT 129

13 - 17 December 1955
Penny For A Song
John Whiting
In 1804 Dorset, an aristocratic and very eccentric family makes its preparations for the Napoleonic invasion.

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