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1950 - 1959

PP 282

Play 239

LT 144

5 - 9 February 1957
Murder Story
Ludovic Kennedy
In 1950's London, a youth is sentenced to hang for his part in a policeman's murder. As he awaits his execution, his family petition for a law change.

PP 283

Play 240

LT 145

19 - 23 March 1957
Lucky Strike
Michael Brett
A businesswoman sacks her factory's union representative, causing the workers to come out on strike in protest.    

PP 284

Play 241

LT 146

1 April 1957
The Frozen Heart
Ivory Brides
In 1943 Germany, a snowbound family begs their Belgian housekeeper, a former nurse, to help their dying child.
Drama, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays".

PP 285

Play 242

LT 147

1 April 1957
The Laboratory
David Campton
In Renaissance Italy, a court official, his wife and his mistress force an apothecary to supply them with poison to kill each other, but he inadvertently gives them aphrodisiacs instead.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays".

PP 286

Play 243

LT 148

1 April 1957
The Bride
Gertrude Jennings
Synopsis not available
Unknown Type, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays".

PP 287

Play 244

LT 149

14 - 18 May 1957
Home Is The Hero
Walter Macken
Having served a five year sentence for murder, a man returns home a worse bully than he was before, but has also acquired a sense of guilt.

PP 288

Play 245

LT 150

9 - 13 July 1957
The Fan
Carlo Goldoni
An 18th Century noblewoman breaks her fan as she says farewell to a suitor. A replacement fan subsequently passes through the hands of numerous individuals.

PP 289

Play 246

LT 151

10 - 14 September 1957
Uncertain Joy
Charlotte Hastings
A couple adopt a small boy to protect him from his violent father, who then shows up demanding the return of his son.

PP 290

Play 247

LT 152

29 October - 2 November 1957
The Remarkable Mr Pennypacker
Liam O'Brien
In early 1900's Philadelphia, a businessman keeps two separate homes (and families), but a crisis uncovers his double life.

PP 291

Play 248

LT 153

10 - 14 December 1957
The Whole Truth
Philip Mackie
A film producer's involvement with an ambitious actress lands him in trouble when he is accused of her murder, and it is up to his wife to discover the truth.  

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