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1950 - 1959

PP 304

Play 258

LT 166

3 - 7 February 1959
The Diary Of Anne Frank
Francis Goodrich & Albert Hacket
13 year old Jewish girl Anne Frank and her family are forced to go into hiding from the Nazis during World War Two.
Adapted from the biography "Diary Of A Young Girl" by Anne Frank (edited by Otto Frank).

PP 305

Play 259

LT 167

17 - 21 March 1959
Small Hotel
Rex Frost
An efficient waiter is considered too old by a visiting hotel company representative, who then antagonises staff and guests with his attitude.

PP 306

Play 260

LT 168

13 April 1959
The Roundelay Tradition
Ronald Frederick Delderfield
Synopsis not available
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Four One-Act Plays".

PP 307

Play 261

LT 169

13 April 1959
Riders To The Sea
J M Synge
On a west Ireland isle, a woman grieves the loss of her husband and five sons to the sea, and fears the same fate will befall her remaining son.
Drama, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Four One-Act Plays".

PP 308

Play 262

LT 170

13 April 1959
Mrs Grundy Comes To Tea
L Du Garde Peach
Synopsis not available
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Four One-Act Plays".

PP 309

Play 263

LT 171

13 April 1959
The Sister Who Walked In Silence
Philip Johnson
Synopsis not available
Drama, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Four One-Act Plays".

PP 310

Play 264

LT 172

5 - 9 May 1959
The House By The Lake
Hugh Mills
A debarred psychiatrist and his sister plot the murder of their unpleasant half-brother, making his death look like a simple accident.

PP 311

Play 265

LT 173

12 - 13 June 1959
Meet The Family
John J Melluish
Synopsis not available

PP 312

Play 266

LT 174

7 - 11 July 1959
Ugo Betti
A girl loves a boy she has grown up with; he is friends with a young widow, who mistakes his friendship for love.
Translated by Henry Reed.

PP 313

LT 175

8 - 12 September 1959
The Little Foxes
Lillian Hellman
Wealthy brothers plan to build a textile mill, but their sister's husband refuses to put up money to ensure family control over the business.
(Previously produced in 1947)

PP 314

Play 267

LT 176

5 October 1959
Miles Malleson
A Russian peasant shoemaker takes on a helper who turns out to be an angel studying Mankind.
Drama, 1-Act.
Translated and adapted by L & A Maude from the short story "What Men Live By" by Tolstoy. "Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays" (includes one by another group).

PP 315

Play 268

LT 177

5 October 1959
Little Boy Lost
Horace Shipp
Synopsis not available
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays" (includes one by another group).

PP 316

Play 269

LT 178

27 - 31 October 1959
The Mayerling Affair
Ronald Frederick Delderfield
In 1888, the crown prince of Austria-Hungary is maritally and politically frustrated, and comes into conflict with his father, the emperor.

PP 317

LT 179

15 - 19 December 1959
Twelfth Night
William Shakespeare
Twin bother and sister are separated by a shipwreck, becoming involved in romantic interludes and mistaken identity, before being reunited.
(Previously produced in 1951)

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