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Progressive Players Gateshead
All the Plays

1960 to 1969

February 2 to 6
Witness For The Prosecution by Agatha Christie

March 22 to 26
Breath Of Spring by Peter Coke

May 10 to 14
O Valiant Heart by Evelyn Millard

July 5 to 9
The Beaux Strategem by George Farquhar

September 6 to 10
The Shop At Sly Corner by Edward Percy

September 20
Still Waters by Delsie Darke

October 25 to 29
Waiting For Gillian by Ronald Millar

December 13 to 17
The Black Eye by James Bridie


January 31 to February 4
Whiteoaks by Mazo de la Roche

March 21 to 25
Beth by Emlyn Williams

March 27
The Godsend by Nina Warner Hooke

March 27
Brandy Andy by Alida L Richardson

March 27
Ride a Tiger by Anthony Booth

May 9 to 13
So Many Children by Gerald Savory

July 4 to 8
Mary Rose by James Matthew Barrie

September 12 to 16
A Clean Kill by Michael Gilbert

October 2
I Was a Stranger by Kathleen Stafford

October 2
Mr Sampson by Charles Lee

October 2
The Six Wives of Calais by L Du Garde Peach

October 24 to 28
Golden Rain by Ronald Frederick Delderfield

December 12 to 16
The Secret Tent by Elizabeth Addyman


February 6 to 10
My Three Angels by Sam & Bella Spewack

March 27 to 31
Rain by John Colton & Clemence Randolph

May 15 to 19
To Keep in a Cool Place by William Templeton

June 7 to 9
Three Half Crowns by John J Melluish

July 10 to 14
The Man in Grey by Lady Eleanor Smith

September 4 to 8
Something to Hide by Leslie Sands

October 23 to 27
The Edwardians by Ronald Gow

December 11 to 15
The Brides of March by John Chapman


February 5 to 9
The Crooked Road by Janet Allen

March 26 to 30
Celebration by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall

May 14 to 18
Dear Charles by Alan Melville

July 9 to 13
The First Gentleman by Norman Ginsbury

September 10 to 14
Not in the Book by Arthur Watkyn

October 2 to 4
Caste by Thomas William Robertson

October 29 to November 2
A Dead Secret by Rodney Ackland

December 17 to 21
Gigi by Colette & Anita Loos


February 4 to 8
Amateur Means Lover by Dodie Smith

March 17 to 21
Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde

May 5 to 9
All on a Summer's Day by Anthony Sharpe

June 16 to 20
Brush With a Body by Maurice McLoughlin

July 21 to 25
As You Like It by William Shakespeare

September 15 to 19
When We Are Married by John Boynton Priestley

October 13
It's Autumn Now by Philip Johnson

October 13
The Will by James Matthew Barrie

October 13
The Neighbours by Yves Cabrol

November 3 to 7
Hot Summer Night by Ted Willis

December 15 to 19
The Lopotkin Inheritance by L Du Garde Peach


February 2 to 6
Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

March 16 to 20
Inherit The Wind by Jerome Lawrence & Robert Edwin Lee

April 27 to May 1
The Bridge of Estaban by Arthur Swinson

June 1 to 5
Juno and the Paycock by Sean O'Casey

July 6 to 10
Hot Summer Night by Ted Willis

July 20 to 24
Dial 'M' for Murder by Frederick Knott

September 14 to 18
The Noble Spaniard by William Somerset Maugham

October 4
The Ass and the Philosophers by Gwyneth Jones

October 4
The Devil His Due by Seamus Fail

October 4
The Red Velvet Goat by Josephine Niggli

October 26 to 30
Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams

December 14 to 18
Quiet Wedding by Esther McCracken


February 1 to 5
A Likely Tale by Gerald Savory

March 15 to 18
Dangerous Corner by John Boynton Priestley

April 26 to 30
A Letter from the General by Maurice McLoughlin

June 7 to 11
Midsummer Mink by Peter Coke

July 19 to 23
A Man About the House by John Perry

September 13 to 17
The Rainmaker by N Richard Nash

October 4
The Pen of My Aunt by Gordon Daviot

October 4
In Confidence by Peter Coke

October 4
Elizabeth Refuses by Margaret Macnamara

November 1 to 5
The Big Killing by Phillip Mackie

December 13 to 17
The Pleasure of His Company by Samuel Taylor & Cornelia Skinner


January 31 to February 4
Black Chiffon by Lesley Storm

March 14 to 18
The Tudor Wench by Elswyth Thane

April 25 to 29
My Sister Eileen by Joseph Fields & Jerome Chodorov

June 6 to 10
The Imaginary Invalid by Moliere

July 18 to 22
Home at Seven by Robert Cedric Sherriff

September 5 to 9
Trap For a Lonely Man by Robert Thomas

October 10 to 14
Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall

October 31
Report From Contreros by Michael Lines

October 31
Outcast by Richard Hadlington

October 31
A Family Occasion by Jill Glew & A.C. Thomas

November 14 to 18
The Wisdom of Eve by Mary Orr & Reginald Denham

December 12 to 16
Angels in Love by Hugh Mills

December 19
His Majesty Masquerades by Edith M Barling

December 19
Twice is Too Much by Author Unknown


January 23 to 27
Mystery at Blackwater by Dan Sutherland

February 26 to March 2
The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

April 2 to 6
Life With Father by Howard Lindsay & Russell Crouse

May 7 to 11
Breaking Point by William Fairchild

June 11 to 15
The Murder of Maria Marten (or, The Red Barn) by Brian John Burton

July 16 to 20
Separate Tables by Terence Rattigan

September 3 to 7
Person Unknown by David Butler

October 8 to 12
The Thracian Horses by Maurice Valency

November 12 to 16
Let's Get a Divorce by Victorien Sardou & Emil de Najac

December 17 to 21
Dandy Dick by Arthur Wing Pinero

December 23
The Mighty Mandarin by Geoffrey Trease

December 23
A Brush With the Enemy by John Webber

December 23
The Hut by Richard Parker

December 23
Sunday Costs Five Pesos by Josephine Niggli


January 21 to 25
The Desperate Hours by Joseph Hayes

February 25 to March 1
The First Fish by Frank Tarloff

March 25 to 29
Anastasia by Guy Bolton

April 29 to May 3
Two Faces of Murder by George Batson

June 10 to 14
The Crucible by Arthur Miller

July 14 to 19
Dinner With the Family by Jean Anouilh

September 2 to 6
The Shifting Heart by Richard Beynon

October 7 to 11
Tartuffe by Miles Malleson

November 11 to 15
Shadow in the Sun by Maurice McLoughlin

December 16 to 20
The King's Mare by Jean Canolle

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