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1960 - 1969

PP 318

Play 270

LT 180

2 - 6 February 1960
Witness For The Prosecution
Agatha Christie
A man on trial for murder appears innocent, in spite of the damning evidence. Then his wife is called to give compelling testimony against him.

PP 319

Play 271

LT 181

22 - 26 March 1960
Breath Of Spring
Peter Coke
A group of elderly ladies, led with military precision by a retired army colonel, steal fur coats to sell, donating the money to charity.

PP 320

Play 272

LT 182

10 - 14 May 1960
O Valiant Heart
Evelyn Millard
The sister of a London hospital's nurse training ward juggles awkward patients, bickering staff and visiting VIP's with tact and diplomacy.

PP 321

Play 273

LT 183

5 - 9 July 1960
The Beaux Strategem
George Farquhar
In early 18th Century England, two gentlemen who have fallen on hard times entrap heiresses, steal their money, and move on. Then one falls in love.

PP 322

Play 274

LT 184

6 - 10 September 1960
The Shop At Sly Corner
Edward Percy
An antiques dealer, who makes his living from selling stolen goods, is blackmailed by his shop assistant.

PP 323

Play 275

LT 185

20 September 1960
Still Waters
Delsie Darke
In 1895 England, a nervous clergyman becomes suitor to three sisters in turn.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays" (included "Hobson's Choice" Act 1).

PP 324

Play 276

LT 186

20 September 1960
The Pool By The Dragon Gate
E G Andrews
Synopsis not available
Unknown Type, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays" (included "Hobson's Choice" Act 1).

PP 325

Play 277

LT 187

25 - 29 October 1960
Waiting For Gillian
Ronald Millar
When a businessman learns his wife - and her lover - have killed someone, he reluctantly agrees to help them cover up the crime from the police.
Adapted from the novel "A Way Through The Wood" by Nigel Balchin.

PP 326

Play 278

LT 188

13 - 17 December 1960
The Black Eye
James Bridie
A young man rebels against settling for a humdrum career to seek a more glamorous vocation.

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