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PP 340

Play 292

LT 202

6 - 10 February 1962
My Three Angels
Sam & Bella Spewack
In French Guiana, three convicts are employed to maintain a storekeeper's house, and help him retain his business from an evil cousin.
Translated from the play "La Cuisine Des Anges" by Albert Husson.

PP 341

Play 293

LT 203

27 - 31 March 1962
John Colton & Clemence Randolph
On a rain-swept south seas island in the 1920's, a clergyman meets a brash young woman with a shady past, and tries to persuade her to repent her sins.
Adapted from the short story "Miss Thompson" by William Somerset Maugham.

PP 342

Play 294

LT 204

15 - 19 May 1962
To Keep In A Cool Place
William Templeton
A Scots laird is proud of his four sons, but when they all marry "foreigners" he engages in a battle of wills to turn the girls into proper Scottish wives.

PP 343

Play 295

LT 205

7 - 9 June 1962
Three Half Crowns
John J Melluish
When an actress arrives at a Somerset village, frantic efforts are made to prevent her taking over from the local leading lady, who has mumps.
In Aid Of The Curtain Fund.

PP 344

Play 296

LT 206

10 - 14 July 1962
The Man In Grey
Lady Eleanor Smith
In Regency London, a woman repays her friend's kindness by having an affair with her husband, who is a sadistic marquis.
Adapted from the novel "The Man In Grey" by Lady Eleanor Smith.

PP 345

Play 297

LT 207

4 - 8 September 1962
Something To Hide
Leslie Sands
An author's wife has run over his mistress in a car and killed her. They agree to dispose of the body, as a detective tightens the net with his investigation.

PP 346

Play 298

LT 208

23 - 27 October 1962
The Edwardians
Ronald Gow
In Edwardian England, a young heir to a dukedom is launched into society by a clandestine affair, but he soon wonders if there is not more to life.
Adapted from the novel "The Edwardians" by Vita Sackville-West.

PP 347

Play 299

LT 209

11 - 15 December 1962
The Brides Of March
John Chapman
A young Foreign Office clerk is bequeathed five beautiful women by a sheik whose life he once saved, but the clerk's wife is far from happy with the 'gift'.

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