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1960 - 1969

PP 348

Play 300

LT 210

5 - 9 February 1963
The Crooked Road
Janet Allen
A drug addict finds release from a sadistic and possessive woman.

PP 349

Play 301

LT 211

26 - 30 March 1963
Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
A family makes preparations for a wedding, and then, six months later, sets about making the arrangements for a funeral.  

PP 350

Play 302

LT 212

14 - 18 May 1963
Dear Charles
Alan Melville
A woman gathers her three ex-lovers to choose the most suitable father for her children.
Translated and adapted from "Les Enfants d'Edouard" by Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon & Frederick J Jackson.

PP 351

Play 303

LT 213

9 - 13 July 1963
The First Gentleman
Norman Ginsbury
The daughter of King George IV is in love with the Prince of Saxe-Coburg, but her father wants her to marry the Prince of Orange.  

PP 352

Play 304

LT 214

10 - 14 September 1963
Not In The Book
Arthur Watkyn
A civil servant uses the plot of a murder mystery novel given to him by an aspiring author to rid himself of a blackmailer.

PP 353

LT 215

2 - 4 October 1963
Thomas William Robertson
In the 1860's, a lowly ballerina weds an aristocratic army officer, but faces rejection and poverty when he is reported killed during wartime action.
(Previously produced in 1923)

PP 354

Play 305

LT 216

29 October - 2 November 1963
A Dead Secret
Rodney Ackland
In 1911 London, an avaricious finance manager tricks his wealthy clerk into bequeathing her fortune to him, and is then accused of her murder.

PP 355

Play 306

LT 217

17 - 21 December 1963
Colette & Anita Loos
In 19th Century Paris, a young woman living with her mother and grandmother is introduced to a rich playboy, and romance blossoms.

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