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PP 356

Play 307

LT 218

4 - 8 February 1964
Amateur Means Lover
Dodie Smith
A new tenant in a London boarding house is very evasive about his past, but happily helps out other tenants with their problems.

PP 357

Play 308

LT 219

17 - 21 March 1964
Lady Windermere's Fan
Oscar Wilde
In Victorian England, a lady believes her husband is having an affair and leaves him for another man, but is astonished when her husband's lover tries to save the marriage.

PP 358

Play 309

LT 220

5 - 9 May 1964
All On A Summer's Day
Anthony Sharpe
A newly-elected lady mayor's compulsory purchase order faces bitter opposition from the landowner, her clerk, and even her own family.

PP 359

Play 310

LT 221

16 - 20 June 1964
Brush With A Body
Maurice McLoughlin
A woman returns home from holiday to find that a sweep working at her house has discovered a dead body in the chimney.

PP 360

Play 311

LT 222

21 - 25 July 1964
As You Like It
William Shakespeare
The daughter of an exiled duke flees persecution to find safety and true love in an idyllic forest.

PP 361

LT 223

15 - 19 September 1964
When We Are Married
John Boynton Priestley
Three couples celebrate their silver weddings, but discover that due to a mix-up they have never actually been married.
(Previously produced in 1945)  

PP 362

Play 312

LT 224

13 October 1964
It's Autumn Now
Philip Johnson
A penniless actor-manager agrees to be rude to a town alderman's sister, in order to dissuade her from a life on the stage.  
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays".

PP 363

Play 313

LT 225

13 October 1964
The Will
James Matthew Barrie
Over a thirty-year period, a family firm of solicitors observes the changing fortunes of a client through his occasional visits to amend his will.
Drama, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays".

PP 364

LT 226

13 October 1964
The Neighbours
Yves Cabrol
In rural France, a vegetable farmer plots to marry her neighbour, with whom she has had a thirty-year feud, in order to control him.
(Previously produced in 1954)
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Presentation Of Three One-Act Plays".

PP 365

Play 314

LT 227

3 - 7 November 1964
Hot Summer Night
Ted Willis
When the daughter of a trade union organiser announces her relationship with a black man, the news exposes deep prejudice in her family.

PP 366

Play 315

LT 228

15 - 19 December 1964
The Lopotkin Inheritance
L Du Garde Peach
Synopsis not available
Translated from a play by Vassili Gregorovich Smirnov.

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