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1960 - 1969

PP 367

Play 316

LT 229

2 - 6 February 1965
Blithe Spirit
Noel Coward
The ghost of a novelist's first wife arranges his death so that he can join her in the spirit world, but kills his second wife instead by mistake.

PP 368

Play 317

LT 230

16 - 20 March 1965
Inherit The Wind
Jerome Lawrence & Robert Edwin Lee
In 1920's Tennessee, two top lawyers argue for and against a science teacher on trial for the crime of teaching Darwin's theory of evolution.

PP 369

Play 318

LT 231

27 April - 1 May 1965
The Bridge Of Estaban
Arthur Swinson
In 1812 Spain, a woman takes on the might of the French and English military commanders to stop them destroying a small but strategically vital bridge.

PP 370

LT 232

1 - 5 June 1965
Juno And The Paycock
Sean O'Casey
In 1920's Dublin, the fortunes of a workshy man and his family look set to change for the better as an English solicitor brings news of an inheritance.
(Previously produced in 1938)

PP 371

LT 233

6 - 10 July 1965
Hot Summer Night
Ted Willis
When the daughter of a trade union organiser announces her relationship with a black man, the news exposes deep prejudice in her family.
(Previously produced in 1964)
"North East Trade Unions Festival Of Drama".

PP 372

Play 319

LT 234

20 - 24 July 1965
Dial 'M' For Murder
Frederick Knott
A former tennis professional marries for money, but when he learns his wife is having an affair, he arranges to have her murdered.

PP 373

Play 320

LT 235

14 - 18 September 1965
The Noble Spaniard
William Somerset Maugham
In 1850 Boulogne, a judge's wife is convinced her husband wants to kill her by throwing her into the Bosphorus river sewn inside a sack.

PP 374

Play 321

LT 236

4 October 1965
The Ass And The Philosophers
Gwyneth Jones
In ancient Greece, two noted philosophers conduct an experiment involving an ass, and consider the implications of their results on the younger generation.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Ethel Harrington Memorial Trophy" Festival Of One-Act Plays.

PP 375

Play 322

LT 237

4 October 1965
The Devil His Due
Seamus Fail
In Victorian England, a country doctor is visited by the Devil's messenger, who has come to collect his soul in payment for a twenty year-old pact.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Ethel Harrington Memorial Trophy" Festival Of One-Act Plays.

PP 376

Play 323

LT 238

4 October 1965
The Red Velvet Goat
Josephine Niggli
To raise funds for a goat, a Mexican couple stage a play for the local villagers, but the husband has cut up his wife's red velvet dress to use as scenery.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Ethel Harrington Memorial Trophy" Festival Of One-Act Plays.

PP 377

Play 324

LT 239

26 - 30 October 1965
Night Must Fall
Emlyn Williams
An intelligent young woman befriends a man whom she comes to suspect has just committed a murder, and tells him of her hatred of her bitter, domineering old aunt.

PP 378

Play 325

LT 240

14 - 18 December 1965
Quiet Wedding
Esther McCracken
Frustrated by the elaborate preparations for her wedding the next day, a bride shocks her family and fiance by threatening to call it off.

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