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1960 - 1969

PP 379

Play 326

LT 241

1 - 5 February 1966
A Likely Tale
Gerald Savory
A dying old man changes his will to leave everything to the new housemaid who has caught his eye, much to the alarm of his three grown up children and grandson.

PP 380

Play 327

LT 242

15 - 18 March 1966
Dangerous Corner
John Boynton Priestley
In 1932, a cosy evening between friends is shattered by the production of a music-box, which sparks life-changing revelations.

PP 381

Play 328

LT 243

26 - 30 April 1966
A Letter From The General
Maurice McLoughlin
In a far-eastern country overrun by Communists in 1950, a group of nuns is about to evacuate, when a letter comes from the province's new governor.

PP 382

Play 329

LT 244

7 - 11 June 1966
Midsummer Mink
Peter Coke
When an old lady is passed a stolen fur coat by a crook on the run, she and her friends become "fences" for the benefit of charity.

PP 383

Play 330

LT 245

19 - 23 July 1966
A Man About The House
John Perry
In 1908 Italy, an Englishwoman inherits a villa and marries the roguish servant that comes with it, but then gradually falls victim to a mysterious illness.
Adapted from the novel "A Man About The House" by Francis Brett Young.

PP 384

Play 331

LT 246

13 - 17 September 1966
The Rainmaker
N Richard Nash
A drifter arrives at a Kansas ranch during a drought, promising (for a fee) to bring rain to the farm and romance to the farmer's daughter.

PP 385

Play 332

LT 247

4 October 1966
The Pen Of My Aunt
Gordon Daviot
In 1944 German-occupied France, a young French soldier is arrested on the grounds of a country estate.
Drama, 1-Act.
"Ethel Harrington Memorial Trophy" Festival Of One-Act Plays.

PP 386

Play 333

LT 248

4 October 1966
In Confidence
Peter Coke
A widow suspects that a seemingly blind colonel, whom she met in Venice, is planning to steal a priceless painting from one of her rich new acquaintances.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Ethel Harrington Memorial Trophy" Festival Of One-Act Plays.

PP 387

Play 334

LT 249

4 October 1966
Elizabeth Refuses
Margaret Macnamara
In 19th Century England, a young woman receives a marriage proposal from a rich eligible bachelor, but decides to turn him down.  
Adaptation of an excerpt from the novel "Pride And Prejudice" by Jane Austen. "Ethel Harrington Memorial Trophy" Festival Of One-Act Plays.

PP 388

Play 335

LT 250

1 - 5 November 1966
The Big Killing
Phillip Mackie
A high-stakes bet between two men leads to a series of very surprising situations.

PP 389

Play 336

LT 251

13 - 17 December 1966
The Pleasure Of His Company
Samuel Taylor & Cornelia Skinner
A tarnished international playboy returns to his ex-wife's home, and automatically turns on the charm with the daughter he's not seen in years.

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