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1960 - 1969

PP 390

Play 337

LT 252

31 January - 4 February 1967
Black Chiffon
Lesley Storm
On the eve of her beloved son's society wedding, a woman is driven by the demands of her family to steal a nightdress in a cry for help.

PP 391

Play 338

LT 253

14 - 18 March 1967
The Tudor Wench
Elswyth Thane
Synopsis not available

PP 392

Play 339

LT 254

25 - 29 April 1967
My Sister Eileen
Joseph Fields & Jerome Chodorov
Two Ohio sisters move to New York city. One wants to be a famous writer, the other an actress. Both find romance and adventure along the way.
Adapted from various short stories by Ruth McKenney.

PP 393

Play 340

LT 255

6 - 10 June 1967
The Imaginary Invalid
In 1674, a hypochondriac is heavily in debt to his numerous doctors and pharmacists. His family concoct a plan to cure him of his dependance on the medical profession.  
Translated and adapted by Miles Malleson from the play "Le Malade Imaginaire".

PP 394

Play 341

LT 256

18 - 22 July 1967
Home At Seven
Robert Cedric Sherriff
A bank official goes missing for a day and has no memory of the time, but is then suspected of murdering the steward of his local club.  

PP 395

Play 342

LT 257

5 - 9 September 1967
Trap For A Lonely Man
Robert Thomas
A recently married man is the victim of a plot in which a woman turns up claiming to be his missing wife, as a local policeman tries to uncover the truth.
Translated by Lucienne Hill & John Sutro.

PP 396

Play 343

LT 258

10 - 14 October 1967
Billy Liar
Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
A lazy, irresponsible young undertaker's clerk in Yorkshire lives in his own fantasy-world, makes immature decisions, and alienates family and friends.
Adapted from the novel "Billy Liar" by Keith Waterhouse.

PP 397

Play 344

LT 259

31 October 1967
Report From Contreros
Michael Lines
Synopsis not available.
Unknown Type , 1-Act.
"Ethel Harrington Memorial Trophy" Festival Of One-Act Plays.

PP 398

Play 345

LT 260

31 October 1967
Richard Hadlington
Synopsis not available.
Unknown Type, 1-Act.
"Ethel Harrington Memorial Trophy" Festival Of One-Act Plays.

PP 399

Play 346

LT 261

31 October 1967
A Family Occasion
Jill Glew & A.C. Thomas
A funeral brings together the various members of a family in mourning, but the daughter of the deceased man appears to be hiding a secret from the rest.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Ethel Harrington Memorial Trophy" Festival Of One-Act Plays.

PP 400

Play 347

LT 262

14 - 18 November 1967
Wisdom Of Eve
Mary Orr & Reginald Denham
A shy woman becomes personal secretary to her actress idol, then becomes her understudy, than blackmails her way to Broadway stardom.

PP 401

Play 348

LT 263

12 - 16 December 1967
Angels In Love
Hugh Mills
In Victorian England, a young lord is apparently ignorant of the reasons for marriage, so his mother takes steps to enlighten him.

PP 402

Play 349

LT 264

19 December 1967
His Majesty Masquerades
Edith M Barling
On the run from Roundhead soldiers, King Charles the Second is given shelter in an old farmhouse.

PP 403

Play 350

LT 265

19 December 1967
Twice Is Too Much
Author Unknown
Synopsis Not Available

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