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1960 - 1969

PP 404

Play 351

LT 266

23 - 27 January 1968
Mystery At Blackwater
Dan Sutherland
In Victorian England, the lives of two half-sisters are caught up in conspiracy, love and murder, revolving around a mentally ill woman dressed all in white.
Adapted from the novel "The Woman In White" by Wilkie Collins.

PP 405

LT 267

26 February - 2 March 1968
The Merchant Of Venice
William Shakespeare
In 16th Century Venice, a vengeful Jewish usurer demands a gruesome payment from a merchant who has defaulted on a loan for a friend.
(Previously produced in 1923)

PP 406

Play 352

LT 268

2 - 6 April 1968
Life With Father
Howard Lindsay & Russell Crouse
A New York city broker demands that his family be "just so", and the more he rails against them and the world, the more lovable and comical he gets.
Adapted from the novel "Life With Father" by Clarence Day.

PP 407

Play 353

LT 269

7 - 11 May 1968
Breaking Point
William Fairchild
When a geologist is murdered at a South Pole research post, his father (who financed the post) arrives to close the operation and find the culprit.

PP 408

Play 354

LT 270

11 - 15 June 1968
The Murder Of Maria Marten (or, The Red Barn)
Brian John Burton
In 1827, a young woman is seduced by a squire's son, who then murders her after she gives birth to his baby, hiding the body in a barn.

PP 409

Play 355

LT 271

16 - 20 July 1968
Separate Tables
Terence Rattigan
The manageress of an English south coast hotel helps two couples through their various problems.

PP 410

Play 356

LT 272

3 - 7 September 1968
Person Unknown
David Butler
A student goes missing from her university Hall of Residence. When she is found, strangled, all the evidence points towards the hall warden's brother.
Adapted from an original play by Olive Chase & Stanley Clayton.

PP 411

Play 357

LT 273

8 - 12 October 1968
The Thracian Horses
Maurice Valency
In ancient Greece, a warrior king's doting wife elects to die in his place when Death calls, but love turns to hate after a hero rescues her from Hell.
Based on the play "Alcestis" by Euripides.

PP 412

Play 358

LT 274

12 - 16 November 1968
Let's Get A Divorce
Victorien Sardou & Emil de Najac
Synopsis not available
Translated and adapted by Angela & Robert Goldsby.

PP 413

Play 359

LT 275

17 - 21 December 1968
Dandy Dick
Arthur Wing Pinero
A 19th Century church dean is forced to back a racehorse in the hope of covering a huge debt, but manages to poison the horse before the race.

PP 414

Play 360

LT 276

23 December 1968
The Mighty Mandarin
Geoffrey Trease
In old China, a destitute commoner is forced to sell his daughter to a wicked Mandarin, then adopts a disguise to stage a daring rescue.
Comedy, 1-Act.

PP 415

Play 361

LT 277

23 December 1968
A Brush With The Enemy
John Webber
Synopsis not available.
Unknown Type, 1-Act.

PP 416

Play 362

LT 278

23 December 1968
The Hut
Richard Parker
Synopsis not available.
Unknown Type, 1-Act.

PP 417

LT 279

23 December 1968
Sunday Costs Five Pesos
Josephine Niggli
A girl, through jealousy, breaks up with her fiance then, repentant, tries to win him back with the aid of well-meaning friends.
Previously produced in 1945 (twice).
Comedy, 1-Act.

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