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1960 - 1969

PP 418

Play 363

LT 280

21 - 25 January 1969
The Desperate Hours
Joseph Hayes
A trio of escaped convicts hold an Indianapolis family hostage in their own home, and are forced into a standoff with the local police.

PP 419

Play 364

LT 281

25 February - 1 March 1969
The First Fish
Frank Tarloff
When her husband becomes depressed by his failing business and souring marriage, a woman hires a call-girl to cheer him up.

PP 420

LT 282

25 - 29 March 1969
Guy Bolton
Three Russians claim that an obsure young woman is Princess Anastasia, a survivor of the Russian Revolution, in order to net themselves a fortune.
(Previously produced in 1955)
Translated from the play "Anastasia" by Marcelle Maurette.

PP 421

Play 365

LT 283

29 April - 3 May 1969
Two Faces Of Murder
George Batson
A police detective arrives at a Louisiana plantation on the trail of a murderer, as a series of apparently accidental deaths removes the family one by one.

PP 422

Play 366

LT 284

10 - 14 June 1969
The Crucible
Arthur Miller
In 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, a group of young girls pretend to be possessed by the Devil, and spark a major series of witchcraft trials.

PP 423

Play 367

LT 285

14 - 19 July 1969
Dinner With The Family
Jean Anouilh
A man arranges an elaborate deception in order to convince his girlfriend that he is entertaining her at his old family home.
Translated by Edward Owen Marsh from the play "Le Rendezvous De Senlis".

PP 424

Play 368

LT 286

2 - 6 September 1969
The Shifting Heart
Richard Beynon
An Italian family attempts to make a new life in 1950's Melbourne, but are met with racist attacks from their Australian neighbours.

PP 425

Play 369

LT 287

7 - 11 October 1969
Miles Malleson
In mid-17th century Paris, a scheming hypocrite manages to gain control of his wealthy friend's family and finances.
Translated and adapted from the play "Tartuffe" by Moliere.

PP 426

Play 370

LT 288

11 - 15 November 1969
Shadow In The Sun
Maurice McLoughlin
When his daughter is threatened with expulsion from school in South Africa, a man resorts to blackmailing the headmistress.

PP 427

Play 371

LT 289

16 - 20 December 1969
The King's Mare
Jean Canolle
King Henry VIII's fourth bride-to-be, Anne of Cleves, is none too excited about risking her head for a man she has never met.
Translated and adapted by Anita Loos from the play "La Jument Due Roi".

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