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Progressive Players Gateshead
All the Plays

1970 to 1979

January 20 to 24
It's Never Too Late by Felicity Douglas

February 24 to 28
Tom Jones by Joan McAlpine

April 7 to 11
Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn

May 12 to 16
The Captives by Charlotte Hastings

June 16 to 20
Busybody by Jack Popplewell

July 21 to 25
The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

September 1 to 5
A Boston Story by Ronald Gow

October 6 to 10
Justice is a Woman by Jack Roffey & Ronald Kinnock

November 10 to 14
The Happy Marriage by John Clements

December 15 to 19
The Servant of Two Masters by David Turner & Paul Lapworth


January 18 to 23
Nude With Violin by Noel Coward

February 23 to 27
Roar Like a Dove by Lesley Storm

March 30 to April 3
The Crooked Tree by T B Morris

May 4 to 8
Alfie by Bill Naughton

June 8 to 12
Home and Beauty by William Somerset Maugham

July 20 to 24
Come Laughing Home by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall

September 7 to 11
The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

October 5 to 9
She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith

November 9 to 13
Barefoot in the Park by Neil Simon

November 16
The Bespoke Overcoat by Wolf Mankowitz

November 16
Everyman by Constance Cox

December 14 to 18
Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw


January 18 to 22
The Militants by Norman Holland

February 22 to 26
The Poker Session by Hugh Leonard

April 11 to 15
I Have Five Daughters by Margaret Macnamara

May 16 to 20
The Aspern Papers by Michael Redgrave

May 23 to 24
The Murder of Maria Marten (or, The Red Barn) by Brian John Burton

June 20 to 24
The Odd Couple by Neil Simon

July 17 to 22
The Dark of the Moon by Howard Richardson & William Berney

September 5 to 9
Come Blow Your Horn by Neil Simon

October 3 to 7
The Corn is Green by Emlyn Williams

November 6 to 11
Bell, Book and Candle by John Van Druten

December 12 to 16
The Constant Wife by William Somerset Maugham


January 11 to 20 (Including two Saturday matinees)
Babes in the Wood by John Crocker, lyrics by Eric Gilder

February 20 to 24
The Man by Mel Dinelli

April 3 to 7
Teahouse of the August Moon by John Patrick

May 15 to 19
Beekman Place by Samuel Taylor

June 18 to 23
The Miracle Worker by William Gibson

July 23 to 28
Saturday Night at the Crown by Walter Greenwood

September 3 to 8
The Heiress by Ruth & Augustus Goetz

October 8 to 13
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Constance Cox

November 12 to 17
Morning Star by Sylvia Regan

December 17 to 22
Don't Start Without Me by Joyce Raeburn


January 10 to 19 (Including two Saturday matinees)
Cinderella by John Crocker, lyrics by Eric Gilder

February 18 to 23
Waiting in the Wings by Noel Coward

March 25 to 30
The Rivals by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

May 6 to 11
Everybody Loves Opal by John Patrick

June 10 to 15
Lady Frederick by William Somerset Maugham

July 15 to 20
Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott

September 2 to 7
Two Dozen Red Roses by Kenneth Horne

October 7 to 12
Celebration by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall

November 11 to 16
The Holly and the Ivy by Wynward Browne

December 16 to 21
Charley's Aunt by Brandon Thomas


January 13 to 18
The Late Christopher Bean by Emlyn Williams & Sidney Howard

February 17 to 22
Enter a Free Man by Tom Stoppard

April 7 to 12
The Riot Act by Will Greene

May 12 to 17
How the Other Half Loves by Alan Ayckbourn

June 16 to 21
The Day After the Fair by Frank Harvey

July 21 to 26
Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose

September 1 to 6
Butterflies Are Free by Leonard Gershe

October 6 to 11
Simon and Laura by Alan Melville

November 10 to 15
A Touch of Purple by Elleston Trevor

December 15 to 20
Lloyd George Knew My Father by William Douglas-Home


January 22 to 31 (Including two Saturday matinees)
Red Riding Hood by John Crocker, lyrics by Eric Gilder

March 1 to 6
The Secretary Bird by William Douglas Home

April 5 to 10
Wind in the Branches of the Sassafras by Rene de Obaldia

May 10 to 15
The Sound of Murder by William Fairchild

June 14 to 19
Plaza Suite by Neil Simon

July 19 to 24
Crown Matrimonial by Royce Ryton

September 6 to 11
There's a Girl in My Soup by Terence Frisby

October 4 to 9
Affairs of State by Louis Verneuil

November 8 to 13
The Joy Ride by Georgina Reid

December 13 to 18
Photo Finish by Peter Ustinov


January 17 to 22
Murder Mistaken by Janet Green

January 29
Olaf and the Ogre by Kenneth Lillington

February 21 to 26
The Cassilis Engagement by St John Hankin

March 28 to April 2
Saturday, Sunday, Monday by Eduardo de Filippo

May 2 to 7
Darling, I'm Home by Jack Popplewell

June 6 to 11
The Barretts of Wimpole Street by Rudolf Besier

July 11 to 16
Night Watch by Lucille Fletcher

September 5 to 10
Mary, Mary by Jean Kerr

October 3 to 8
The Gentle Hook by Francis Durbridge

November 7 to 12
An Inspector Calls by John Boynton Priestley

November (date unknown)
Top Table by Margaret Wood

December 12 to17
Just the Ticket by John Waterhouse


January 16 to 21
Hindle Wakes by Stanley Houghton

February 20 to 25
Present Laughter by Noel Coward

April 3 to 8
Ring Round the Moon by Jean Anouilh

May 1 to 6
The Man Most Likely To... by Joyce Raeburn

June 5 to 10
The Mayerling Affair by Ronald Frederick Delderfield

July 10 to 15
Mister Lear by Robin Maugham

September 11 to 16
Time and Time Again by Alan Ayckbourn

October 2 to 7
Semi-Detached by David Turner

November 6 to 11
The Lady's Not For Burning by Jean Anouilh

December 11 to 16
Suddenly at Home by Francis Durbridge

December 21
The Boy Who Wouldn't Play Jesus by Bernard Kopps


January 15 to 20
Table Manners by Alan Ayckbourn

February 19 to 24
After Magritte by Tom Stoppard

February 19 to 24
The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard

March 26 to 31
The Lion in Winter by James Goldman

April 30 to May 5
Loot by Joe Orton

June 4 to 9
Living Together by Alan Ayckbourn

July 9 -to14
The Circle by William Somerset Maugham

September 3 to 8
Signpost to Murder by Monte Doyle

October 8 to 13
Round and Round the Garden by Alan Ayckbourn

November 5 to 10
Spring and Port Wine by Bill Naughton

December 10 to 15
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

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