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1970 - 1979

PP 428

Play 372

LT 290

20 - 24 January 1970
It's Never Too Late
Felicity Douglas
A wife and mother finds success as a novelist, but, believing her creativity is being stifled by her demanding family, decides to move out.

PP 429

Play 373

LT 291

24 - 28 February 1970
Tom Jones
Joan McAlpine
The adopted son of an 18th Century English squire finds himself falling victim to the charms of one rustic wench after another.
Adapted from the novel "Tom Jones" by Henry Fielding.

PP 430

Play 374

LT 292

7 - 11 April 1970
Relatively Speaking
Alan Ayckbourn
A young woman visits her older lover to end their affair, but her boyfriend thinks she is going to see her parents, and follows her.

PP 431

Play 375

LT 293

12 - 16 May 1970
The Captives
Charlotte Hastings
Synopsis not available

PP 432

Play 376

LT 294

16 - 20 June 1970
Jack Popplewell
A detective superintendent investigates the murder of an industrialist, and has to deal with a chatty office cleaner and a disappearing corpse.

PP 433

LT 295

21 - 25 September 1970
The Importance Of Being Earnest
Two English gentlemen in the 1890s both secretly use the name 'Ernest' in their double lives, causing complications in their respective love affairs.
(Previously produced in 1949 and 1921)

PP 434

Play 377

LT 296

1 - 5 September 1970
A Boston Story
Ronald Gow
In 1877 Boston, a wealthy man adopts a 16 year old orphan girl, and grooms her in the hope she will one day accept his proposal of marriage.
Adapted from the novel "Watch And Ward" by Henry James.

PP 435

Play 378

LT 297

6 - 10 October 1970
Justice Is A Woman
Jack Roffey & Ronald Kinnock
In 1960, a top-flight female barrister is brought in by a Scottish law firm to defend a young man on trial for murder.

PP 436

Play 379

LT 298

10 - 14 November 1970
The Happy Marriage
John Clements
After watching a psychologist's lecture, a woman is convinced her husband feels unhappy in their marriage because he loves her too much!
Translated from the play "Le Complexe De Philemon" by Jean Bernard Luc.

PP 437

Play 380

LT 299

15 - 19 December 1970
The Servant Of Two Masters
David Turner & Paul Lapworth
In 18th Century Venice, a servant lands two jobs at once. But one 'master' is a woman in disguise looking for her lover, who is master number two.
Translated and adapted from the play "Arlecchino Servitore Di Due Padroni" by Carlo Goldoni.

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