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1970 - 1979

PP 450

Play 390

LT 312

18 - 22 January 1972
The Militants
Norman Holland
In 1908 England, a respected alderman's family and staff become involved in the Movement For Women's Suffrage.

PP 451

Play 391

LT 313

22 - 26 February 1972
The Poker Session
Hugh Leonard
Members of a family are brought together for a poker game after the release of one of its number from an insane asylum, but a surprise visitor forces each of them to confront their own insanities.

PP 452

Play 392

LT 314

11 - 15 April 1972
I Have Five Daughters
Margaret Macnamara
In 19th Century England, the fortunes of five sisters unfold as they each find romance, love and tragedy.
Adapted from the novel "Pride And Prejudice" by Jane Austen.

PP 453

Play 393

LT 315

16 - 20 May 1972
The Aspern Papers
Michael Redgrave
A literary scholar, fanatical about the work of a deceased poet, pursues his quest to own the poet's letters with single-minded, obsessive determination.
Adapted from the short story "The Aspern Papers" by Henry James.

PP 454

LT 316

23 - 24 May 1972
The Murder Of Maria Marten (or, The Red Barn)
Brian John Burton
In 1827, a young woman is seduced by a squire's son, who then murders her after she gives birth to his baby, hiding the body in a barn.
(Previously produced in 1968)
Comedy. Junior Members Production.

PP 455

Play 394

LT 317

20 - 24 June 1972
The Odd Couple
Neil Simon
Two men, one happily divorced, the other newly-separated and suicidal, come to realise that sharing a New York apartment may not have been such a good idea.

PP 456

Play 395

LT 318

17 - 22 July 1972
The Dark Of The Moon
Howard Richardson & William Berney
A witch-boy becomes human in order to be with his mortal love, but comes into conflict with a rival suitor.

PP 457

Play 396

LT 319

5 - 9 September 1972
Come Blow Your Horn
Neil Simon
Two New York brothers decide to leave the family waxed-fruit business and experience the good life, much to their father's annoyance.

PP 458

LT 320

3 - 7 October 1972
The Corn Is Green
Emlyn Williams
An English schoolmistress takes a post in a small Welsh mining village, and grooms an outstanding pupil for a scholarship to Oxford University.
(Previously produced in 1952)

PP 459

Play 397

LT 321

6 - 11 November 1972
Bell, Book And Candle
John Van Druten
A modern-day witch likes her neighbour but despises his fiancee, so enchants him to love her instead.

PP 460

Play 398

LT 322

12 - 16 December 1972
The Constant Wife
William Somerset Maugham
In 1927 London, a doctor's wife pretends to be unaware of her husband's love affair, then resumes a liaison with her own former lover.

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