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1970 - 1979

PP 461

Play 399

LT 323

11 - 20 January 1973 (Including Two Saturday Matinees)
Babes In The Wood
John Crocker, lyrics by Eric Gilder
A forest-dwelling outlaw rescues two children from the clutches of an evil baron, and wins the hand of his childhood sweetheart.

PP 462

Play 400

LT 324

20 - 24 February 1973
The Man
Mel Dinelli
A woman hires a young man to clean floors, but his paranoia leads him to keep her prisoner in her own home.

PP 463

Play 401

LT 325

3 - 7 April 1973
Teahouse Of The August Moon
John Patrick
After World War II, a young US military officer is assigned to oversee the 'Americanisation' of a small Japanese island.
Adapted from the novel "Teahouse Of The August Moon" by Vern Schneider.

PP 464

Play 402

LT 326

15 - 19 May 1973
Beekman Place
Samuel Taylor
A famous violin virtuoso is determined to go into retirement, but is frustrated in his intentions by his cook, his wife, his fiery Russian manager, and an old flame.

PP 465

Play 403

LT 327

18 - 23 June 1973
The Miracle Worker
William Gibson
The true story of Anne Sullivan's struggle to teach blind and deaf Helen Keller how to communicate.

PP 466

Play 404

LT 328

23 - 28 July 1973
Saturday Night At The Crown
walter Greenwood
In a 1950's northern England pub, the regulars meet to gossip and bicker about themselves and life in general.

PP 467

LT 329

3 - 8 September 1973
The Heiress
Ruth & Augustus Goetz
A naive young heiress receives a marriage proposal from a fortune-hunter. When the marriage is forbidden by her father, the heiress suggests an elopement.
(Previously produced in 1952)
Adapted from the novel "Washington Square" by Henry James.

PP 468

Play 405

LT 330

8 - 13 October 1973
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
Constance Cox
Warned by a fortune-teller that he will commit a murder, an aristocrat decides it would be best to fulfill the prophecy before he marries.
Adapted from the short story "Lord Arthur Savile's Crime" by Oscar Wilde.

PP 469

Play 406

LT 331

12 - 17 November 1973
Morning Star
Sylvia Regan
In 1910, a Russian woman emigrates to New York with her four children to start a new life, and their stories are told over a twenty-year period.

PP 470

Play 407

LT 332

17 - 22 December 1973
Don't Start Without Me
Joyce Raeburn
Living together, and then contemplating marriage, results in complications for two disparate relationships.

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