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1970 - 1979

PP 471

Play 408

LT 333

10 - 19 January 1974 (Including Two Saturday Matinees)
John Crocker, lyrics by Eric Gilder
A beautiful young girl escapes from her wicked step-mother and ugly step-sisters with help from her fairy godmother, and falls in love with a handsome Prince.

PP 472

Play 409

LT 334

18 - 23 February 1974
Waiting In The Wings
Noel Coward
Former star stage actresses live out their declining years in a less-than-lavish retirement home aptly named "The Wings".

PP 473

LT 335

25 - 30 March 1974
The Rivals
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
A rich sea captain pretends to be a penniless ensign, because his lady love is determined to marry a man who despises wealth.
(Previously produced in 1954 and 1928)

PP 474

Play 410

LT 336

6 - 11 May 1974
Everybody Loves Opal
John Patrick
Three petty crooks hide in a middle-aged woman's ramshackle house, and hatch a get-rich-quick scheme involving insurance and murder.

PP 475

Play 411

LT 337

10 - 15 June 1974
Lady Frederick
William Somerset Maugham
An Irish widow is wooed by a young marquis, and resents the attempts by others to make her give him up, preferring to refuse him in her own way.

PP 476

Play 412

LT 338

15 - 20 July 1974
Wait Until Dark
Frederick Knott
A blind woman is terrorised in her home by a con-man, who is looking for a drug-filled doll given to her unwitting husband at the airport.

PP 477

Play 413

LT 339

2 - 7 September 1974
Two Dozen Red Roses
Kenneth Horne
A man sends roses to a countess as a joke, but when his bored wife receives them by mistake, she is convinced she has a secret admirer.
Adapted from an original work by Aldo de Benedetti.

PP 478

LT 340

7 - 12 October 1974
Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
A family makes preparations for a wedding, and then, six months later, sets about making the arrangements for a funeral.
(Previously produced in 1963)

PP 479

Play 414

LT 341

11 - 16 November 1974
The Holly And The Ivy
Wynward Browne
An English clergyman and his family are reunited at Christmas-time, but a tragic secret threatens to tear their happiness apart.

PP 480

Play 415

LT 342

16 - 21 December 1974
Charley's Aunt
Brandon Thomas
Two 1890's Oxford students need a chaperone to escort their girlfriends to a ball, so they persuade a fellow student to masquerade as an aunt from Brazil.

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