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1970 - 1979

PP 481

LT 343

13 - 18 January 1975
The Late Christopher Bean
Emlyn Williams & Sidney Howard
The landlords of a recently deceased artist fight for ownership of a painting they despise, when they discover the artist's ouevre is deemed valuable by the art world.
(Previously produced in 1943)
Translated and adapted from the play "Prenez Garde a la Peinture" by Rene Fauchois.

PP 482

Play 416

LT 344

17 - 22 February 1975
Enter A Free Man
Tom Stoppard
An unsuccessful inventor puts his family under pressure, and threatens to leave. Meanwhile his daughter chases her own dreams, in the form of men.

PP 483

Play 417

LT 345

7 - 12 April 1975
The Riot Act
Will Greene
A New York widow strives to protect her three policemen sons from the clutches of "designing women", but finds she is already too late.

PP 484

Play 418

LT 346

12 - 17 May 1975
How The Other Half Loves
Alan Ayckbourn
Two menages project their infidelities onto a third, totally innocent but socially retarded couple.

PP 485

Play 419

LT 347

16 - 21 June 1975
The Day After The Fair
Frank Harvey
In the 1890's, an illiterate servant girl meets an attractive stranger at the town fair, and persuaded her mistress to write to him on her behalf.
Adapted from the short story "On The Western Circuit" by Thomas Hardy.

PP 486

Play 420

LT 348

21 - 26 July 1975
Twelve Angry Men
Reginald Rose
A jury is forced to debate its almost unanimous verdict in the case of a young boy on trial for the murder of his father.

PP 487

Play 421

LT 349

1 - 6 September 1975
Butterflies Are Free
Leonard Gershe
In 1969 New York, a blind bachelor finds romance with the free-spirited young actress living in the next apartment, but his overprotective mother disapproves of her.

PP 488

Play 422

LT 350

6 - 11 October 1975
Simon And Laura
Alan Melville
A divorcing couple become the stars of a television soap opera, in which they play happy versions of themselves, but reality finally emerges in the Christmas special.

PP 489

Play 423

LT 351

10 - 15 November 1975
A Touch Of Purple
Elleston Trevor
When the owner of an antiques shop is found to have been murdered, police suspicion falls on her Czech refugee lodger and his family.

PP 490

Play 424

LT 352

15 - 20 December 1975
Lloyd George Knew My Father
William Douglas-Home
In early 1960's England, a resolute "lady of the manor" takes a stand against the building of a road cutting through her family's estate.

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