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1970 - 1979

PP 491

Play 425

LT 353

22 - 31 January 1976 (Including Two Saturday Matinees)
Red Riding Hood
John Crocker, lyrics by Eric Gilder
A fun-loving girl, a shy prince, a forgetful dame, a villainous squire and his two foolish sons, a fairy, a hungry wolf, and a haunted house...

PP 492

Play 426

LT 354

1 - 6 March 1976
The Secretary Bird
William Douglas Home
On hearing his wife is having an affair, a man tries to save his marriage by inviting home both his rival and his own attractive young secretary.

PP 493

Play 427

LT 355

5 - 10 April 1976
Wind In The Branches Of The Sassafras
Rene de Obaldia
In early 19th Century Kentucky, a pioneer family finds itself surrounded by massed Red Indian tribe warriors.
Translated by Joseph Foster from the play "Du Vent Dans Les Branches De Sassafras".

PP 494

Play 428

LT 356

10 - 15 May 1976
The Sound Of Murder
William Fairchild
The wife of a children's book author plots to kill him, but her accidentally-taped conversation with her lover is found by the author's secretary.

PP 495

Play 429

LT 357

14 - 19 June 1976
Plaza Suite
Neil Simon
Three separate comedies of love and romance, all of which take place in the same room of the Plaza Hotel in New York city.
A linked-set of three one-act plays.

PP 496

Play 430

LT 358

19 - 24 July 1976
Crown Matrimonial
Royce Ryton
The British Royal household of 1936 is rocked by the scandal of King Edward VIII's romance with American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

PP 497

Play 431

LT 359

6 - 11 September 1976
There's A Girl In My Soup
Terence Frisby
A womanising TV chef meets a girl half his age, who is available but not interested in romance, and begins to genuinely care for her.

PP 498

Play 432

LT 360

4 - 9 October 1976
Affairs Of State
Louis Verneuil
In 1952 Washington DC, a senator agrees to an arranged marriage to further his career, unaware that he is actually the victim of an elaborate revenge by his lover's husband.

PP 499

Play 433

LT 361

8 - 13 November 1976
The Joy Ride
Georgina Reid
An 11th Century lord's wife agrees to ride naked through Coventry in return for lower taxes for the people, but fear begins to get the better of her.

PP 500

Play 434

LT 362

13 - 18 December 1976
Photo Finish
Peter Ustinov
An unhappily married 80 year-old man is visited by several younger versions of himself, and tries to stop them making the mistakes he made.

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