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1970 - 1979

PP 501

Play 435

LT 363

17 - 22 January 1977
Murder Mistaken
Janet Green
A psychotic man murders his wife for her money, only to find himself worse off than before, and so decides to try again.

PP 502

Play 436

LT 364

29 January 1977
Olaf And The Ogre
Kenneth Lillington
The king's daughter falls in love with the court page, but a local ogre is intent on wrecking their romance.
Comedy, 1-Act. Junior Members Production
First production by "Stage 1" youth group.

PP 503

Play 437

LT 365

21 - 26 February 1977
The Cassilis Engagement
St John Hankin
In 1905, an upper-class lady is horrified to learn that her son has become engaged to a London commoner, and hatches a plan to thwart the marriage.

PP 504

Play 438

LT 366

28 March - 2 April 1977
Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Eduardo de Filippo
In Naples, a family's weekend gathering is fraught with accusations of infidelity, lover's tiffs, and general differences of opinion.
Translated by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall.

PP 505

Play 439

LT 367

2 - 7 May 1977
Darling, I'm Home
Jack Popplewell
When a man becomes a house-husband to his capable and experienced wife, jealousy ensues soon afterwards.

PP 506

LT 368

6 - 11 June 1977
The Barretts Of Wimpole Street
Rudolf Besier
Elizabeth Barrett's puritanical father forbids any of his children to marry. Nevertheless, she falls in love with fellow-poet Robert Browning.
(Previously produced in 1946)

PP 507

Play 440

LT 369

11 - 16 July 1977
Night Watch
Lucille Fletcher
In New York, an insomniac woman claims she has seen a dead body through the window of the opposite building, so her husband calls on the help of a psychiatrist.

PP 508

Play 441

LT 370

5 - 10 September 1977
Mary, Mary
Jean Kerr
A separated couple, on the verge of divorce, meet up to avoid a tax audit, but are forced to spend the night together after a snowstorm hits.

PP 509

Play 442

LT 371

3 - 8 October 1977
The Gentle Hook
Francis Durbridge
On her return from a trip abroad, a successful businesswoman is attacked by a stranger, and, in the ensuing struggle, kills him.

PP 510

LT 372

7 - 12 November 1977
An Inspector Calls
John Boynton Priestley
As a family celebrates the engagement of their daughter to the son of a business rival, an inspector arrives to investigate a girl's suicide.
(Previously produced in 1948)

PP 511

Play 443

LT 373

November 1977 (Precise date unknown)
Top Table
Margaret Wood
A group of political delegates get a little hot under the collar at a conference to debate world power.
Comedy, 1-Act. Junior Members Production
Durham County Council Drama Festival For Young People ("Stage 1" youth group).

PP 512

Play 444

LT 374

12 - 17 December 1977
Just The Ticket
John Waterhouse
A traffic warden's hobby (collecting stuffed birds) seemingly pays off when his latest acquisition is found to be stuffed with money.

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