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1970 - 1979

PP 513

LT 375

16 - 21 January 1978
Hindle Wakes
Stanley Houghton
During a Lancashire mill town's holiday week, two young people are discovered having a secret fling, and are pressured to marry.
(Previously produced in 1923)

PP 514

Play 445

LT 376

20 - 25 February 1978
Present Laughter
Noel Coward
A self-obsessed actor must fend off amorous admirers, placate both his estranged wife and his secretary, and cope with a crazy playwright.

PP 515

Play 446

LT 377

3 - 8 April 1978
Ring Round The Moon
Jean Anouilh
A man tries to save his twin brother from an unhappy marriage by pairing him up with a beautiful ballerina.
Translated by Christopher Fry from the play "L'Invitation Au Chateau".

PP 516

Play 447

LT 378

1 - 6 May 1978
The Man Most Likely To...
Joyce Raeburn
A middle-aged couple's weekend is complicated with a visit by the wife's former fiance, then by their estranged son and his promiscuous girlfriend.

PP 517

LT 379

5 - 10 June 1978
The Mayerling Affair
Ronald Frederick Delderfield
In 1888, the crown prince of Austria-Hungary is maritally and politically frustrated, and comes into conflict with his father, the emperor.
(Previously produced in 1959)

PP 518

Play 448

LT 380

10 - 15 July 1978
Mister Lear
Robin Maugham
A famous author is tricked into signing his fortune over to his three daughters, but then unwise investments and tax laws combine to threaten financial ruin for the family.
Based on the play "King Lear" by William Shakespeare.

PP 519

Play 449

LT 381

11 - 16 September 1978
Time And Time Again
Alan Ayckbourn
A womaniser makes a beeline for his sports-mad employee's fiancee, but she prefers his poetic brother-in-law.

PP 520

Play 450

LT 382

2 - 7 October 1978
David Turner
In 1963 England, a social climbing insurance salesman spurs his family ever upward, but his married daughter announces she is to divorce.

PP 521

Play 451

LT 383

6 - 11 November 1978
The Lady's Not For Burning
Jean Anouilh
In the Middle Ages, a war-weary soldier tries to talk a witch-hunter into hanging him, then meets a beautiful woman due to be hanged as a witch.
Translated by Christopher Fry.

PP 522

Play 452

LT 384

11 - 16 December 1978
Suddenly At Home
Francis Durbridge
A businessman devises a seemingly foolproof plan to kill his wife and implicate her ex-lover, with help from an actress friend.

PP 523

Play 453

LT 385

21 December 1978
The Boy Who Wouldn't Play Jesus
Bernard Kopps
While rehearsing a traditional school nativity play, a group of schoolchildren are inspired to reinterpret the story in order to reflect modern-day social injustice and poverty.
Drama, 1-Act. Junior Members Production
"Stage1" youth group, in aid of the "Save The Children" charity.

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