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Progressive Players Gateshead
All the Plays

1980 to 1989

January 14 to 19
Hobson's Choice by Harold Brighouse

January 31 to February 1

January 31 to February 1
A Family Occasion by Jill Glew & A C Thomas

February 18 to 23
Come Blow Your Horn by Neil Simon

March 24 to 29
The Desperate Hours by Joseph Hayes

April 28 to May 3
Dear Charles by Alan Melville

June 2 to 7
The Remarkable Mr Pennypacker by Liam O'Brien

June 12
The Bespoke Overcoat by Wolf Mankowitz

July 7 to 12
The Winslow Boy by Terence Rattigan

September 8 to 13
Everybody Loves Opal by John Patrick

October 13 to 18
Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

November 10 to 15
The Rainmaker by N Richard Nash

December 8 to 13
Teahouse of the August Moon by John Patrick


January 19 to 24
Tom Jones by Joan McAlpine

February 16 to 21
The Long Sunset by Robert Cedric Sherriff

March 23 to 28
Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn

April 27 to May 2
Journey's End by Robert Cedric Sherriff

June 1 to 6
The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder

July 6 to 11
Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

September 7 to 12
Murder at the Vicarage by Moie Charles & Barbara Toy

October 12 to 17
Move Over, Mrs Markham by John Chapman & Ray Cooney

November 9 to 14
The Anniversary by Bill MacIlwraith

December 7 to 12
A Christmas Carol by Shaun Sutton


January 18 to 23
Gingerbread Lady by Neil Simon

February 15 to 20
Cactus Flower by Abe Burrows

March 22 to 27
A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt

April 27 to May 1
A Majority of One by Leonard Speigelgass

May 31 to June 5

July 5 to 10
Jane Eyre by Helen Jerome

September 6 to 11
The Killing of Sister George by Frank Marcus

October 11 to 16
The Cure for Love by Walter Greenwood

November 8 to 13
Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton

December 6 to 11
The Edwardians by Ronald Gow


January 17 to 22
The Whole Truth by Phillip Mackie

February 14 to 18
Outside Edge by Richard Harris

March 21 to 26
The Enquiry by Charlotte Hastings

April 25 to 30
Private Lives by Noel Coward

June 6 to 11
A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

July 4 to 9
Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

September 5 to 10
Spring at Marino by Constance Cox

October 10 to 15
Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas

November 7 to 12
The Servant by Robin Maugham

December 5 to 10
When We Are Married by John Boynton Priestley


January 16 to 21
Deathtrap by Ira Levin

February 13 to 18
Trevor by John Bowen

February 13 to 18
Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer

March 19 to 24
The Accrington Pals by Peter Whelan

April 30 to May 5
Amber for Anna by Arthur Watkyn

June 4 to 9
A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen

July 2 to 7
The Government Inspector by Nicholai V Gogol

July 14
Blue Murder by Kenneth Lillington

July 14
The Knave of Hearts by Louise Saunders

July 14
Rumpelstiltskin by Author Unknown

September 10 to15
Hay Fever by Noel Coward

September 21
Bermondsey by John Mortimer

September 21
Class Play by David Selbourne

September 21
The Filleting Machine by Tom Haddaway

September 22
The Final Movement by Brian John Burton

September 22
Colour Bar by Joe Corrie

September 22
The Ladies of Edinburgh by Constance Smedley

October 8 to 13
You Never Can Tell by George Bernard Shaw

November 5 to 10
Ladies in Retirement by Edward Percy & Reginald Denham

December 10 to 15
Sailor Beware! by Philip King & Falkland Carey


January 14 to 19
And a Nightingale Sang by Cecil Philip Taylor

February 11 to 16
The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie

March 18 to 23
Communication Cord by Brian Friel

April 22 to 27
Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence & Robert Edwin Lee

June 3 to 8
Waltz of the Toreadors by Jean Anouilh

June 1985 (date unknown)
The Filleting Machine by Tom Haddaway

July 8 to 13
A Coat of Varnish by Ronald Miller

July 18
As Good as New by David Perry

July 19
Fumed Oak by Noel Coward

July 19
The Lady's Bicycle by David Stant

July 19
Operation Elvis by Cecil Philip Taylor

September 2 to 7
The Hound of the Baskervilles by Tim Kelly

September 30 to October 5
Pardon Me, Prime Minister by Edward Taylor & John Graham

October 28 to November 2
The Man by Mel Dinelli

December 9 to 14
Robin Hood by Jeff Waites


January 13 to 18
She Stoops To Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith

February 10 to 15
Filumena by Eduardo de Filippo

March 17 to 22
See How They Run by Philip King

April 21 to 26
Our Town by Thornton Wilder

June 2 to 7
Crime on Goat Island by Ugo Betti

July 7 to 12
The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley

September 1 to 6
All in Good Time by Bill Naughton

September 29 to October 4

October 27 to November 1
A Question of Fact by Wynyard Browne

December 8 to 13
On the Razzle by Tom Stoppard


January 12 to 17
Local Affairs by Richard Harris

February (date unknown)
Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie

March (date unknown)
Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore

April 27 to May 2
The Odd Couple by Neil Simon

June 1 to 6
Poltergeist by Frank Harvey

July 6 to 11
On Golden Pond by Ernest Thompson

September 7 to 12
Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn

October 12 to 17
This Happy Breed by Noel Coward

November 9 to 14
Key For Two by John Chapman & Dave Freeman

December 14 to 19
Goodnight Mrs Puffin by Arthur Lovegrove


January 18 to 23
Educating Rita by Willy Russell

February 15 to 20
Busman's Honeymoon by Dorothy L Sayers & Muriel St Clare Byrne

March 21 to 26
84 Charing Cross Road by James Roose-Evans

April 25 to 30
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Constance Cox

June 6 to 11
Close The Coalhouse Door by Alan Plater, lyrics by Alex Glasgow

July 11 to 16
Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring

September 5 to 10
Wind in the Branches of the Sassafras by Rene de Obaldia

October 3 to 8
Dangerous Corner by John Boynton Priestley

November 7 to 12
The Servant of Two Masters by David Turner & Paul Lapworth

December 12 to17
Deadly Nightcap by Francis Durbridge


January 23 to 28
Home and Beauty by William Somerset Maugham

February 27 to March 4
Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott

April 3 to 8
Midsummer Mink by Peter Coke

May 8 to 13
Dial 'M' for Murder by Frederick Knott

June 12 to 17
Relative Values by Noel Coward

July 10 to 15
The Dresser by Ronald Harwood

September 4 to 9
Time and Time Again by Alan Ayckbourn

October 2 to 7
A Letter From the General by Maurice McLoughlin

November 6 to 11
Signpost to Murder by Monte Doyle

December 4 to 9
The Heiress by Ruth & Augustus Goetz

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