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1980 - 1989

PP 535

LT 397

14 - 19 January 1980
Hobson's Choice
Harold Brighouse
In 1880's Lancashire, a shoe shop owner's daughter marries the shop's best cobbler, then sets up a rival business.
(Previously produced in 1954)

PP 536

LT 398

31 January - 1 February 1980
Mr Fothergill Joins The Angels
William Dinner
A mild-mannered family man wakes up one day to discover he has grown a pair of angel-like wings.
(Previously produced in 1953)
Comedy, 1-Act. Junior Members Production
"Stage 1" youth group.

PP 537

LT 399

31 January - 1 February 1980
A Family Occasion
Jill Glew & A C Thomas
A funeral brings together the various members of a family in mourning, but the daughter of the deceased man appears to be hiding a secret from the rest.
(Previously produced in 1967)
Comedy, 1-Act. Junior Members Production
"Stage 1" youth group.

PP 538

LT 400

18 - 23 February 1980
Come Blow Your Horn
Neil Simon
Two New York brothers decide to leave the family waxed-fruit business and experience the good life, much to their father's annoyance.
(Previously produced in 1972)

PP 539

LT 401

24 - 29 March 1980
The Desperate Hours
Joseph Hayes
A trio of escaped convicts hold an Indianapolis family hostage in their own home, and are forced into a standoff with the local police.
(Previously produced in 1969)

PP 540

LT 402

28 April - 3 May 1980
Dear Charles
Alan Melville
A woman gathers her three ex-lovers to choose the most suitable father for her children.
(Previously produced in 1963)
Translated and adapted from "Les Enfants d'Edouard" by Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon & Frederick J Jackson.

PP 541

LT 403

2 - 7 June 1980
The Remarkable Mr Pennypacker
Liam O'Brien
In early 1900's Philadelphia, a businessman keeps two separate homes (and families), but a crisis uncovers his double life.
(Previously produced in 1957)

PP 542

LT 404

12 June 1980
The Bespoke Overcoat
Wolf Mankowitz
A ghost asks a tailor to steal a sheepskin coat from his cruel former employer.
(Previously produced in 1971)
Drama, 1-Act.
Translated and adapted from the short story "Shinel" by Nicholai V Gogol. Included in the "Progressive Players Diamond Jubilee Festival Of Theatre".

PP 543

LT 405

7 - 12 July 1980
The Winslow Boy
Terence Rattigan
In pre-World War One England, a boy is expelled from Naval Academy over a petty theft, but his parents raise political furore by demanding a trial.
(Previously produced in 1951)

PP 544

LT 406

8 - 13 September 1980
Everybody Loves Opal
John Patrick
Three petty crooks hide in a middle-aged woman's ramshackle house, and hatch a get-rich-quick scheme involving insurance and murder.
(Previously produced in 1974)

PP 545

LT 407

13 - 18 October 1980
Blithe Spirit
Noel Coward
The ghost of a novelist's first wife arranges his death so that he can join her in the spirit world, but kills his second wife instead by mistake.
(Previously produced in 1965)

PP 546

LT 408

10 - 15 November 1980
The Rainmaker
N Richard Nash
A drifter arrives at a Kansas ranch during a drought, promising (for a fee) to bring rain to the farm and romance to the farmer's daughter.
(Previously produced in 1966)

PP 547

LT 409

8 - 13 December 1980
Teahouse Of The August Moon
John Patrick
After World War II, a young US military officer is assigned to oversee the 'Americanisation' of a small Japanese island.
(Previously produced in 1973)
Adapted from the novel "Teahouse Of The August Moon" by Vern Schneider.

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