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1980 - 1989

PP 548

LT 410

19 - 24 January 1981
Tom Jones
Joan McAlpine
The adopted son of an 18th Century English squire finds himself falling victim to the charms of one rustic wench after another.
(Previously produced in 1970)
Adapted from the novel "Tom Jones" by Henry Fielding.

PP 549

Play 465

LT 411

16 - 21 February 1981
The Long Sunset
Robert Cedric Sherriff
In 5th Century England, an Italian family hears news of war in their homeland, and are forced to consider the possibility that the Roman Empire is falling.

PP 550

Play 466

LT 412

23 - 28 March 1981
Bedroom Farce
Alan Ayckbourn
The marital disasters of one couple weave in and out of the bedrooms of three other couples.

PP 551

Play 467

LT 413

27 April - 2 May 1981
Journey's End
Robert Cedric Sherriff
In 1918, a British Army infantry company is joined in the trenches by a new young captain, who must quickly learn to deal with the horrors of war during preparations for an assault on the German lines.

PP 552

Play 468

LT 414

1 - 6 June 1981
The Matchmaker
Thornton Wilder
A 19th Century New York widow who arranges marriages for others sets her sights on a local merchant, who has hired her to find him a wife.
Adapted from the play "Einen Fux Will Er Sich Machen" by Johann Nestroy, from a translation by John Oxenford.

PP 553

Play 469

LT 415

6 - 11 July 1981
In the 1940's, a newly married woman takes up residence in her husband's mansion, but finds that his dead first wife still exerts her influence.

PP 554

Play 470

LT 416

7 - 12 September 1981
Murder At The Vicarage
Moie Charles & Barbara Toy
An elderly spinster investigates the murder of a retired army colonel, found shot dead in the village vicarage, and uncovers plenty of suspects.
Adapted from the novel "Murder At The Vicarage" by Agatha Christie.

PP 555

Play 471

LT 417

12 - 17 October 1981
Move Over, Mrs Markham
John Chapman & Ray Cooney
A book publisher borrows a friend's flat in order to entertain his mistress, unaware that his wife has borrowed the same flat to meet with her lover.

PP 556

Play 472

LT 418

9 - 14 November 1981
The Anniversary
Bill MacIlwraith
A widow keeps a tight hold on her three sons by exploiting their weaknesses, but revolt is in the air at long last.

PP 557

Play 473

LT 419

7 - 12 December 1981
A Christmas Carol
Shaun Sutton
In Victorian London, a miserly businessman is made to see the error of his ways by the ghost of his former business partner and visions of his own past, present and future.
Adapted from the short story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

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