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1980 - 1989

PP 558

Play 474

LT 420

18 - 23 January 1982
Gingerbread Lady
Neil Simon
A failed singer returns to her New York home after a stay in rehab determined to rebuild her life, but soon begins to fall back to her old ways.

PP 559

Play 475

LT 421

15 - 20 February 1982
Cactus Flower
Abe Burrows
A dentist enlists his secretary's help when his mistress (who thinks he is married) threatens to leave him.
Translated from the play "Fleur De Cactus" by Pierre Barillet & Jean Pierre Gredy.

PP 560

Play 476

LT 422

22 - 27 March 1982
A Man For All Seasons
Robert Bolt
Sir Thomas More, scholar and friend to King Henry VIII, is forced to choose between his loyalty to the monarch and his own conscience.

PP 561

Play 477

LT 423

27 April - 1 May 1982
A Majority Of One
Leonard Speigelgass
A Jewish widow accompanies her daughter and son-in-law to Japan, and becomes romantically attached to a Japanese businessman.

PP 562

Play 478

LT 424

31 May - 5 June 1982
Whose Life Is It Anyway?
Brian Clarke
After a car accident, a sculptor faces the rest of his life paralysed from the neck down, and begins a legal battle for the right to choose to die.

PP 563

LT 425

5 - 10 July 1982
Jane Eyre
Helen Jerome
A young woman is employed as governess to a little girl, and finds herself romantically drawn to her moody employer.
(Previously produced in 1951)
Adapted from the novel "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte.

PP 564

Play 479

LT 426

6 - 11 September 1982
The Killing Of Sister George
Frank Marcus
A lesbian television actress finds her life falling apart when her part is written out and her childlike partner has an affair with her producer.

PP 565

Play 480

LT 427

11 - 16 October 1982
The Cure For Love
Walter Greenwood
Home in Lancashire on leave, a British army sergeant hopes his girlfriend has forgotten his rash marriage proposal. But she hasn't.

PP 566

Play 481

LT 428

8 - 13 November 1982
Patrick Hamilton
In Victorian London, a woman cowers in fear during her husband's nightly absences from home, under the mysteriously flickering gas lamps.

PP 567

LT 429

6 - 11 December 1982
The Edwardians
Ronald Gow
In Edwardian England, a young heir to a dukedom is launched into society by a clandestine affair, but he soon wonders if there is not more to life.
(Previously produced in 1962)
Adapted from the novel "The Edwardians" by Vita Sackville West.

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