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1980 - 1989

PP 568

LT 430

17 - 22 January 1983
The Whole Truth
Phillip Mackie
A film producer's involvement with an ambitious actress lands him in trouble when he is accused of her murder, and it is up to his wife to discover the truth.
(Previously produced in 1957)

PP 569

Play 482

LT 431

14 - 18 February 1983
Outside Edge
Richard Harris
The manager of an amateur cricket team has problems assembling his players for their big Sunday afternoon match.

PP 570

Play 483

LT 432

21 - 26 March 1983
The Enquiry
Charlotte Hastings
A woman sentenced for killing a very sick child attempts suicide after being attacked. Then it becomes clear she is protecting the real killer.

PP 571

Play 484

LT 433

25 - 30 April 1983
Private Lives
Noel Coward
In 1930, a woman on honeymoon bumps into her first husband, who is also on honeymoon. The pair soon realise they are still in love, yet continue to argue.

PP 572

Play 485

LT 434

6 - 11 June 1983
A View From The Bridge
Arthur Miller
A simple-minded longshoreman takes in two of his wife's Italian cousins, both illegal immigrants to the US, but then one of them falls for his niece.

PP 573

LT 435

4 - 9 July 1983
George Bernard Shaw
In Victorian London, a stuffy language professor accepts a wager that he can tutor a Cockney flower seller and pass her off as a duchess.
(Previously produced in 1944, 1933 and 1923)

PP 574

LT 436

5 - 10 September 1983
Spring At Marino
Constance Cox
In 1860 rural Russia, two young men come to realise that their relationships with their fathers have fallen into neglect.
(Previously produced in 1954)
Based on the novel "Fathers And Sons" by Ivan Turgenev.

PP 575

Play 486

LT 437

10 - 15 October 1983
Under Milk Wood
Dylan Thomas
A day in the lives of the people inhabiting a small Welsh town, showing their dreams, fears and inner thoughts about themselves and each other.

PP 576

Play 487

LT 438

7 - 12 November 1983
The Servant
Robin Maugham
A manservant hired by a lazy young aristocrat stamps his authority on the household, and in so doing brings his employer to his knees.

PP 577

LT 439

5 - 10 December 1983
When We Are Married
John Boynton Priestley
Three couples celebrate their silver weddings, but discover that due to a mix-up they have never actually been married.
(Previously produced in 1964 and 1945)

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