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1980 - 1989

PP 578

Play 488

LT 440

16 - 21 January 1984
Ira Levin
Writer's block threatens to leave a top thriller author's life in ruins, until he reads the unpublished manuscript of a brilliant first novel by one of his own students.

PP 579

Play 489

LT 441

13 - 18 February 1984
John Bowen
A lesbian couple hire a male actor to play the lover of one and fiance of the other when their parents come to visit.
Drama, 1-Act.

PP 580

Play 490

LT 442

13 - 18 February 1984
Black Comedy
Peter Shaffer
A young sculptor is preparing to meet both his fiancee's tyrannical father and a millionaire arts patron, when the lights in his flat fuse out.
Comedy, 1-Act.

PP 581

Play 491

LT 443

19 - 24 March 1984
The Accrington Pals
During the Great War, the trench-life experiences of a North England town's volunteer batallion contrast with those of the women left behind.

PP 582

Play 492

LT 444

30 April - 5 May 1984
Amber For Anna
Arthur Watkyn
After returning home from an evening at the theatre, a group of friends discover the au-pair has been stabbed through the heart.

PP 583

LT 445

4 - 9 June 1984
A Doll's House
Henrik Ibsen
In 19th Century Norway, a wife who has been treated as a plaything by her pompous husband decides to rebel against him.
(Previously produced in 1928 and 1920)

PP 584

LT 446

2 - 7 July 1984
The Government Inspector
Nicholai V Gogol
In 1830s Russia, the corrupt officials of a small village bribe a newcomer in the mistaken belief that he is a visiting inspector.
(Previously produced in 1949)
Translated by D J Campbell.

PP 585

Play 493

LT 447

14 July 1984
Blue Murder
Author Unknown
Synopsis not available
Comedy, 1-Act. Junior Members Production
"Stage 1" youth group. "Three One-Act Plays".

PP 586

Play 494

LT 448

14 July 1984
The Knave Of Hearts
Author Unknown
Synopsis not available
Comedy, 1-Act. Junior Members Production
"Stage 1" youth group. "Three One-Act Plays".

PP 587

Play 495

LT 449

14 July 1984
Author Unknown
A dwarvish creature helps a commoner's daughter spin straw into gold for the King, on condition she gives him her first-born son.
Drama, 1-Act. Junior Members Production
"Stage 1" youth group. "Three One-Act Plays". Adapted from the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

PP 588

Play 496

LT 450

10 - 15 September 1984
Hay Fever
Noel Coward
In 1925, each member of an ultra-bohemian family invites a guest for the weekend, causing fury and discomfort all round.

PP 589

Play 497

LT 451

21 September 1984
John Mortimer
A pub landlord is urged by his wife to confess to his gay relationship with his old army friend, in order to prevent their barmaid wrecking their marriage.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Festival Of One-Act Plays".

PP 590

Play 498

LT 452

21 September 1984
Class Play
David Selbourne
Adolescent anger, frustration and rebellion.
Drama, 1-Act.
"Festival Of One-Act Plays".

PP 591

Play 499

LT 453

21 September 1984
The Filleting Machine
Tom Haddaway
A North Shields couple disagree over what they want out of life, but are united when the husband's job as a fisherman comes under threat.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Festival Of One-Act Plays".

PP 592

Play 500

LT 454

22 September 1984
The Final Movement
Brian John Burton
A woman screams during a concert of classical music, and has an encounter with a ghost.
Thriller, 1-Act.
"Festival Of One-Act Plays".

PP 593

Play 501

LT 455

22 September 1984
Colour Bar
Joe Corrie
A regular orator at Hyde Park's Speaker's Corner encourages racial tolerance, but finds it is another matter when his daughter reveals her black boyfriend.
Drama, 1-Act.
"Festival Of One-Act Plays".

PP 594

Play 502

LT 456

22 September 1984
The Ladies Of Edinburgh
Constance Smedley
In 1838, a committee of Edinburgh women meet to honour Grace Darling, the shipwreck heroine, but some shocking news changes their opinion of her.
Drama, 1-Act.
"Festival Of One-Act Plays".

PP 595

LT 457

8 - 13 October 1984
You Never Can Tell
George Bernard Shaw
A mother's three daughters have never known their father, but accidentally manage to invite him to lunch, presided over by a wise waiter.
(Previously produced in 1952, 1933 and 1925)

PP 596

Play 503

LT 458

5 - 10 November 1984
Ladies In Retirement
Edward Percy & Reginald Denham
A lady's companion gives her two dotty sisters a permanent home by murdering her employer, but her suspicious nephew enlists the help of the maid to investigate.

PP 597

Play 504

LT 459

10 - 15 December 1984
Sailor Beware!
Philip King & Falkland Carey
When a Royal Navy seaman learns his fiancee has agreed to live next door to her awful mother after their wedding, his only line of defence is to not turn up at the church.

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