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1980 - 1989

PP 598

Play 505

LT 460

14 - 19 January 1985
And A Nightingale Sang
Cecil Philip Taylor
In Newcastle during World War II, a close-knit family live from one day to the next amid air-raid sirens and fears of poison gas attacks.

PP 599

Play 506

LT 461

11 - 16 February 1985
The Unexpected Guest
Agatha Christie
A stranger agrees to help a murderess pin the blame for her husband's killing onto someone else, but then she tells him she is innocent.

PP 600

Play 507

LT 462

18 - 23 March 1985
Communication Cord
Brian Friel
To impress his girlfriend's father, a man borrows a converted luxury cottage in a remote part of County Donegal.

PP 601

LT 463

22 - 27 April 1985
Inherit The Wind
Jerome Lawrence & Robert Edwin Lee
In 1920's Tennessee, two top lawyers argue for and against a science teacher on trial for the crime of teaching Darwin's theory of evolution.
(Previously produced in 1965)

PP 602

Play 508

LT 464

3 - 8 June 1985
Waltz Of The Toreadors
Jean Anouilh
A retired army general vexes his invalid wife with his constant womanising. Then an old flame turns up with evidence of the wife's unfaithfulness.
Translated by Lucienne Hill.

PP 603

June 1985 (Precise date unknown)
The Filleting Machine
Tom Haddaway
A North Shields couple disagree over what they want out of life, but are united when the husband's job as a fisherman comes under threat.
(Previously produced in 1984)
Comedy, 1-Act.
Tynemouth Priory Theatre Festival Of One-Act Plays.

PP 604

Play 509

LT 465

8 - 13 July 1985
A Coat Of Varnish
Ronald Miller
A policeman deliberately tampers with evidence in order to prove a case against a man he knows to be guilty of murder.
Adapted from the novel "A Coat Of Varnish" by C P Snow.

PP 605

Play 510

LT 466

July 1985
Them Boots Ain't Made For Walking
Bill Owen
In 1871 London, a group of women gather to join a protest march from Bow Street to the Houses of Parliament.
Drama, 1-Act. Junior Members Production
"Stage 1" youth group. "Festival Of One-Act Plays".

PP 606

Play 511

LT 467

July 1985
As Good As New
David Perry
While a grandfather toils in the cellar on his corpses, the normal life of the rest of the family goes from one fatality to the next.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Festival Of One-Act Plays".

PP 607

Play 512

LT 468

July 1985
Fumed Oak
Noel Coward
A down-trodden salesman lives with his sloppy wife, his horrible daughter and his nagging mother-in-law, and announces he is leaving.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Festival Of One-Act Plays".

PP 608

Play 513

LT 469

July 1985
The Lady's Bicycle
David Stant
When a man advertises the sale of his girlfriend's bicycle, his aspiring novelist friend finds romance with a woman who answers the ad.
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Festival Of One-Act Plays".

PP 609

Play 514

LT 470

July 1985
Operation Elvis
Cecil Philip Taylor
A 10 year-old Newcastle boy, who believes he is the reincarnation of singer Elvis Presley, runs away from home and befriends a brain-damaged boy.
Comedy, 1-Act. Junior Members Production
"Stage 1" youth group. "Festival Of One-Act Plays".

PP 610

Play 515

LT 471

2 - 7 September 1985
The Hound Of The Baskervilles
Tim Kelly
A London-based 'consulting detective' travels to Dartmoor with his faithful assistant to investigate the threat posed to an heir by a mysterious spectral canine.
Adapted from the novella "Hound Of The Baskervilles" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

PP 611

Play 516

LT 472

30 September - 5 October 1985
Pardon Me, Prime Minister
Edward Taylor & John Graham
The Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer are preparing a budget, when a young girl shows up claiming to be the PM's daughter.

PP 612

LT 473

28 October - 2 November 1985
The Man
Mel Dinelli
A woman hires a young man to clean floors, but his paranoia leads him to keep her prisoner in her own home.
(Previously produced in 1973)

PP 613

Play 517

LT 474

9 - 14 December 1985
Robin Hood
Jeff Waites
A forest-dwelling outlaw and his band of merry men oppose the wicked local sheriff and rescue the pretty maid.

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