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1980 - 1989

PP 614

LT 475

13 - 18 January 1986
She Stoops To Conquer
Oliver Goldsmith
In 18th Century England, the daughter of a wealthy family pretends to be a common barmaid in order to attract a shy suitor.
(Previously produced in 1971, 1946, 1934, 1925 and 1924)

PP 615

Play 518

LT 476

10 - 15 February 1986
Eduardo de Filippo
In 1946, after a 25 year romance, a woman pretends that she is dying in the hope of prompting a 'death-bed' marriage.
Translated by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall.

PP 616

Play 519

LT 477

17 - 22 March 1986
See How They Run
Philip King
While her clergyman husband is away, an ex-actress and a visiting actor friend innocently recreate a scene from a play, unaware they have been observed by a parishioner.

PP 617

Play 520

LT 478

21 - 26 April 1986
Our Town
Thornton Wilder
In a small New Hampshire town in 1901, the various townsfolk go about their everyday lives.

PP 618

Play 521

LT 479

2 - 7 June 1986
Crime On Goat Island
Ugo Betti
In post-war rural Italy, three sisters lead a virtuous life tending goats on a small farm, but their idyll is disrupted by the arrival of a stranger.
Translated by Henry Reed from the play "Delitto all'Isola Delle Capre".

PP 619

Play 522

LT 480

7 - 12 July 1986
Ghost Train
Arnold Ridley
In 1920's Cornwall, a silly young man strands six train passengers overnight at a remote station, which they learn is due for a visit by a ghost train.

PP 620

Play 523

LT 481

1 - 6 September 1986
All In Good Time
Bill Naughton
For financial reasons, a newlywed man and his wife must live with his kind but rough-tongued father, and becomes frustrated at his inability to consummate the marriage.

PP 621

LT 482

29 September - 4 October 1986
The Imaginary Invalid
In 1674, a hypochondriac is heavily in debt to his numerous doctors and pharmacists. His family concoct a plan to cure him of his dependance on the medical profession.
(Previously produced in 1967)
Translated and adapted by Miles Malleson from the play "Le Malade Imaginaire".

PP 622

Play 524

LT 483

27 October - 1 November 1986
A Question Of Fact
Wynyard Browne
A brilliant schoolmaster is troubled immediately after marriage by the fact that his father had been hanged for murder.

PP 623

Play 525

LT 484

8 - 13 December 1986
On The Razzle
Tom Stoppard
Two shop workers go in search of adventure in Vienna, while trying to avoid their stern employer.
Translated by Neville & Stephen Plaice from the play "Einen Fux Will Er Sich Machen" by Johann Nestroy.

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